The Official LA fashion Week Featured

Jac Wong

LA Fashion Week Recap

The Official LA fashion week (LAFW) featured a week filled with world-class designers, stylist, celebrities, industry pros and innovative artist from around the globe. This celebration of arts and culture has made history with exclusive major brands never before shown in Los Angeles, here to usher in the next generation of chic trend-setters and designers.  Talents came from all over the world, including; London, Italy, Australia, Monaco, Amsterdam, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and the USA. 

On October 6th, 2017 FINE magazine got the exclusive highlights of the night, including private interviews with all the designers to showcase their spring/summer collections Friday night.

Friday's grand opening was by fashion designer George Styler, who is a Los Angeles based, Serbian designer. He considers his collection to be a sociological study, where words and phrases are replaced by clothing with expressive communicative powers. He is the winner of "Ones to Watch", season AW14 (London Fashion Week), and the 2014 Knitwear King. Pieces by Styler have been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Esquire, Harper’s Bazar, Elle, The New York Times and on the front covers of New African Woman and Unfolded magazine. His work has received attention around the world, at fashion events such as London Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, EXPO 2015 Milan, Belgrade Fashion Week, Seattle Fashion Week. Celebrities including Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger have vouched for his pieces.

The SS18 collection is one of the most powerful, sexy collections, because he can deliver a unique mix of culture and high fashion. Styler’s colorful knitwears place emphasize on floral and animal patterns as well as elements from art and architecture. The collections also experiment with different kind of yarns, textures, colors and even handmade embroidery details. The combination of ethno-motives from Africa, Asia, Balkan and South America create bold and compelling visuals. All of these elements contribute to the unique designs that fuse modern and traditional. We sat down with Styler to discuss his designs.

Garcia: Tell us about your decision to express cultures through fashion. 

Styler: “All of my collections are totally me. I like to combine styles from different parts of the world, so in all my pieces you can find elements from Africa, Asia, South America, East of Europe and just a touch of British punk and Hollywood glam.”

Garcia: What has inspired you?

Styler: “I love colors, and I have studied a lot of different nations, so I wanted to combine those ideas. I want to project messages of freedom and that we are all similar despite our differences. Last year I presented my first collection in Los Angeles and I fell in love with the city so I decided to stay. I got really inspired by Hollywood, so this collection is dedicated to Hollywood.” 

Garcia: How have you incorporated Cultural Appreciation & Cultural Appropriation into fashion?

Styler: “My role in fashion is to connect all traditions and to show how beauty exists in all cultures across the world. This time I collaborated with Mexican designer Jimmy Garcia, and he made my beautiful head pieces. Through my work I have collaborated with different nations, and I believe I pass on the messages freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination. I try to put as many details and elements from various cultures into one piece,  this time with a Hollywood touch.”

The following collection was by Indonesian born designer, Rinda Salmun. Salmun studied Fine Arts at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, where she specialized in experimental painting and aesthetic studies. She went on to complete a Master's degree in Fashion at Ravensbourne College, London. There she explored and experimented with the correlations between fashion and art.  Salmun has experience working for some of the best international fashion houses, including Giles Deacon, Giorgio Armani, Natascha Stolle and Adjie Notonegoro.


Salmun's designs have been featured in several global fashion events, such as Fashion Mavericks, during London Fashion Week 2010, Ringstrassen Gallerien Award in Vienna and Jakarta Fashion Week. She has also presented at a number of international trade shows, such as the Blueprint Singapore 2013 and Taipei in Style 2014. Moreover, her collections have been featured in several fashion publications in Indonesia for her collaborations with cross-discipline brands, such as Acer, Nissan MarchInVashion, Laurier Indonesia and L’Oréal Professionnel. Salmun has also been dubed one of the designers to watch in Alt Cramer’s Fashion 2. LA Fashion Week will be Ms. Salmun’s North American debut. Although Rinda could not be here herself, FINE Magazine spoke with her brother, Rian.


Garcia: Why couldn't Rinda be here today, and who are you?
Rian Salmun: “Rinda cannot make it to LA at this time because she is about go into labor in two days, she will give birth to her second child. She is so jealous that I am here (haha). I have always been in charge of the PR side of the brand, we actually started it together. She is in charge of production and designing, while I am more about the branding."  

Garcia: I noticed lots of patterns, asymmetrical work, multiple panels and lots of mixing and matching, what can you tell us about her art?

Rian Salmun:  “Every single collection that she produces has a fine arts background, all her prints and work have that capacity of art, because she studied that. Black and white has always been a favorite of hers, but she is also really playful with colors. Prints are her signature work in every collection, and all those experimental creative works are a huge trendsetter in London, where most of her work is based.”

Garcia: One of the big statements in every look of this collection is the shoes! What can you tell us about the design work on the shoes?

Rian Salmun: "This season we worked with a shoe designer called Mader. Basically he made the shoe collection for Rinda, so the collection is called Mader X Rindasalmun. They also used the materials that we used for the clothing. For the accessories such as; gloves, earrings and necklaces, we worked with House of Jealousy”.

After Salmun, Jeffry Tan took over the runway with his Spring/Summer18 collection. Awarded Best Fashion Designer 2002/2005 by France’s ESMOD School of design, Tan also graduated top of his class.  During his studies, he participated in the Young ASEAN Fashion Design Contest in Singapore, inline with Singapore Fashion Week 2003.

By 2005 Tan was a menswear designer for Van Heusen, Arnold Palmer and Insight, Australia. He became the prinicipal designer for PT Argo Pantes in Indonesia, and finally founded his own label in 2009. Since the launch of JeffryTan, his work has regularly showed in the Jakarta Fashion Week, where he is one of the most anticipated young creators.

In that same year, Jeffry opened a concept store in Jakarta that offered a unique “Open Kitchen” experience. This means desingers and producers work in view of the customers, while they browse the shop. The store exposes shoppers to the entire production and the creative process. Jeffry’s passion lies in the art of pattern drafting and the construction process. He is constantly experimenting to reach his next innovative creation.

Modern in concept, he passionately remains true to his roots by working with weavers, craftsmen, and manufacturers throughout Indonesia.

Every collection is worked to perfection, mixing, blending and marrying elements and matter, exploring every one of their possibilities and functions to produce cutting edge and sophisticated clothes. He shares his thoughts and ideas in a brieg interview with us.


Garcia: Tell us a bit about your collection.

Tan: “For this new collection I want to move forward with my typical style, which is very sexy and sultry, and I want to put rough rawness in it. I have brought in slouchy street wear with attitude, but made it seductive and sophisticated.”

Garcia: I fell in love with the entire collection, some of my favorite looks were the long tuxedo/jacket inspired dress, what is the inspiration behind this look?

Jeffry Tan: “It is all about the structure, masculinity, the sexiness and sultriness in draping a human figure."

Garcia: Are these one of a kind pieces?

Tan: “No, I make all my patterns, I have a dedicated team in Indonesia, that works with me through the process. I also have a PR office here where we do all the samples.”

Garcia: I am blown away by the make-up, where are these choices coming from?

Jeffry Tan: “Beauty is of the utmost importance to completing a whole look, and for a show of course. I like to show diversity in all my work so I always work with all kinds of girls because I think it is an important and strong message to share. I just thought that the make-up needed to be strong and bold, that smoky eye and sultry lip made everything coherent”.

For the Final show we got to see "SAV LAVIN", which is short from the designer's name, Savira Lavinia. This artist was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She placed her distinctive stamp on fashion with a newborn concept. "Behind the Brand", is the theme for Lavinia's collection. She wanted to tell the story behind the concepts, using traditional handcraft methods and couture techniques.  SAV LAVIN collections experiment with science, using materials such as a hand-made thermochromic textured and manually moulded rubber fabric, as well as neoprene, mesh and hand-drawn illustrations printed digitally on to fabrics. The consistent blend of bright colors and materials creates a childish wonder, while maintaining class. A former design intern for the infamous Iris Van Herpen, Savira has made a name in her own right and been dubbed “One To Watch” by major fashion media editors from around the world.

After the show, our magazine got an opportunity to discuss Lavinia's designs.


Garcia: Let’s talk about the make-up art, how did you come up with it?

Lavinia: “I got inspired from retro-futurism because I love it and I feel that it gives a more edgy look to my collection.”

Garcia: The color choice of your collection was very earthy, talk more about your colour choices.

Lavinia: “For this collection, I did research for the color trends, and the trend and forecast said that earth tones are what is coming, I really liked the combinations, and the collection is about decision making, so I just went for it”.

Garcia: What trend and forecasting source did you use?

Lavinia: “WGSN, of course, I love this site, it’s a great source”.

Garcia: The shoe concept was beautiful, tell us what’s the story behind the design?

Lavinia: “The shoes are actually a personal design. I love wearing something that is covered in the front, but still open in the back. I also like to a shoe to be comfortable, so that’s why I added a wedge on the back. I don’t like too tall heals, so I thought it was the proper height and used neutral colors as well to complement all my looks.” 

The location was so elegant, it almost felt like we were in Paris.  LA Fashion Week  took place at the Alexandria Hotel located in Down Town Los Angeles. Everyone was so elegant, it is one of the FINEST fashion events that you simply can’t miss. Please comment below and tell us what you think about these latest collections!