The Rise of Address Theft: What You Can Do to Avoid It



Changing your address when you're about to move can be a simple, straightforward process. Every time you change residences, you'll have to notify the post office of your new mailing address to make sure that all the important documents sent to you get properly routed. After all, you wouldn't want to miss anything of value by accident.

All you have to do to get this done is to fill out an online form or get the papers needed and the post office will do the rest. This is highly convenient, especially in a rush. However, due to its simplicity, changing your address officially also makes you vulnerable from address fraud and all the other complications that come with this form of scamming.

When you’ve contacted your chosen interstate removalists in Adelaide and are busy getting all your boxes ready, changing your address may slip your mind. It's simple, yes, but simplicity (in this case) can be truly deceiving. You have to be on the lookout for all the pitfalls you must avoid. Once you've become a victim, which usually happens unknowingly, expect to encounter more damages the longer you go without catching on.

As with any other forms of identity theft, it’s not possible to completely protect yourself from becoming a victim of address fraud. But, there are measures you can take to lower your risk.

Go the paperless route

Have a digital copy of all your important documents. Everything that contains sensitive and personal information about you, such as loan statements, bank statements, credit card bills, and health-related documents, should go straight to your e-mail instead of your actual mailbox. Now is the era of paperless billing and communications, which offer more security, so make full use of it.

Be selective of the people you give your personal info to

While you may be unable to completely avoid other people from discovering your new home address as well as other important information, there are ways you can lessen the chances of it ever happening.

For example, before putting any documents into the trash bin, make sure you run everything through the shredder first. Also, never leave your mails and other important documentation that has your new address out in public.

Inform your family of your address change


Don't forget to inform your family and closest friends of your updated address. If you're planning to have a housewarming party before you leave, use this opportunity to give out your new address to your guests. Send your invitation electronically.

But, if you've already moved away from your closest family and friends, turn your housewarming party into a chance to be familiar with your new neighbors. It's the perfect time to make some new friends you can trust who can keep an eye on your mailbox for you when you’re away.

What can you do if you've fallen victim to address fraud? Hopefully, you'll never have to face this kind of issue ever. But, if you think that someone has rerouted all your mails and other important documentation, make sure to act as fast as you can.