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Best Halloween costumes for women & men

Daenerys costume from Spirit Halloween stores.

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The time of the year has arrived when three types of attitudes emerge about Halloween costumes. While some people overflow with excitement, maybe even creating their DIY costumes months in advance, others are uncertain. For those dreading Halloween and the thought of picking out or creating a costume, there is hope. 

Websites like and offer costume rentals that decrease the guilt of purchasing an overpriced costume, only to have it sit in the depths of your closet, never to be used again. Buying or creating a costume is also an option and despite the DIY reputation, it can be easy and affordable. 

Convenient locations all over San Diego such as Party City and Halloween Spirit have really ramped up their costume selection this year, offering an array of extraneous items like hilarious superhero pet costumes. Trending costumes for adults are endless this year, from funny to dramatic. Group costumes are especially trendy and most categories can also be done solo by picking one character. 




Here is a round of the Top Halloween Costumes.

Trending group costumes:


Star Wars

Star Wars is not only an enormous topic this year, what with the new movie emerging soon, but Star Wars is a classic. With rentals available online and in-store at most Halloween store destinations, this costume idea is so simple and easily doable. Get your friends or family together and dress as Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, or any of the numerous characters the movie offers. We found this sexy Princess Leia at Party City.


Cops and Inmates

The classic costume combo of a cop and an inmate has been used time and time again. Deja Vu Love Boutique in Vista provides a cop and inmate costume that is edgy and more on the sexy side. Who’s been a bad girl this holiday?

top-halloween-costumes-Thor Costume - Marvel Comics

Thor Costume - Marvel Comics

If you have a flair for the dramatic, Game of Thrones offers so many characters that can be portrayed. Any medieval costume works for this idea and Halloween stores even have accurate character costumes to make it easy for you if you want to pay more attention to detail. This Jon Snow costume is available at Spirit Halloween stores.


Mad Max

A Mad Max costume will help you channel your inner post-apocalyptic god or goddess. Pair together leather, skull accessories, desert goggles, cuff bracelets, combat attire and create a windblown look to execute this costume. If veering toward the ethereal look of the “Wives,” it’s as simple as purchasing some nude bandages to wrap around the body to create the look of a dress or set. We found some great ideas at Mad Max Costumes.

Solo costume ideas:

Minotaurus Costumes

Half-Man, Half-Bull Creature From Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has intrigued us for centuries become Minotaurus! This scary Minotaur costume will have all the heads turning. You'll feel bullish in this deluxe Halloween costume for sure! Costumes Galore.


As long as constant remakes of previous superhero movies and TV shows are being made, superhero costumes will not be out of style anytime soon. With male and female characters, this category is one that can be found anywhere. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cat Woman, and even couples costumes like Harley Quinn and the Joker will be thriving as usual this Halloween. Check out this Batman costume at Costumes Galore.


Donald Trump

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is a trending topic this year due to his presidential campaign and outrageous quotes. Mr. Trump will be an extremely popular costume this year with most costumes featuring this signature hair, bronzed face and signature suit. We found this Trump costume on Amazon.



Another trending and controversial issue this year is the accusation that members of the New England Patriots deflated footballs during the latest SuperBowl. True or not, we do not know. But “Deflategate” creates an opportunity for a clever costume. All that is needed is a deflated football and Patriots attire. Or you can go for the full deflated-football costume, as seen at Costumeish.Easy enough right? Sorry Patriots fans.


Any of these trending costumes are going to be a hit, and you can rest assured that any of these ideas will be a major conversation starter no matter what you plan to do on this Halloween.