The Ultimate Millennial Man Cave


    The concept of a man cave is a truly interesting yet neat thing. Originally, a man cave came about as a reaction by men to the dominance of their female significant others in the interior making decisions of the house— to create a space in which no females can touch. But never mind the fact that a ‘woman’ isn’t supposed to disturb a man vegging out in this personal space because truthfully, we can all agree that this is an idea that should eventually be versioned for women as well. Everybody, man or woman, needs their personal space. However, a man cave today isn’t quite the severely gendered and reactionary product it used to be. Now it can be just typically seen as a place where any guy can relax, unwind, invite his friends over and have a chill guy’s night.

    For a millennial guy, a man cave can be a place to throw a nice get-together, a small party, or a place to game and talk with friends. But what makes a man cave a man cave are the things that occupy it— the decorations and items that are specifically picked out that ultimately becomes a showcase for the owner’s personality. For those that are clueless about ideas, checking out Pinterest is another way to get some great ideas for the interior décor of a man cave. Without further ado, these are some suggestions of a few must-have items that we believe make the ultimate millennial man cave:


1. A pool table


Macintosh HD:Users:rachelkim:Desktop:billiards-1167221_960_720.jpg


A pool table or billiard is a true staple social equipment for any party or chill night. You don’t necessarily have to be good at it, but playing it is a great way to bond with another person you might have just met or even to kill time with a buddy you’ve known for a while. You can foster the friendly competitiveness and keep score as you find more things to talk about as the night goes on.


2. Fancy whiskey set


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For any drinkers out there, this can become an important investment more than anything. Having a nice set of glasses and a bottle of decent scotch or whiskey carries on years from now and is a good thing to have around starting while you’re young. Whether it is just a small get together or a small party, having this around will definitely impress your peers and keep you prepared.


3. Gaming system and/or TV


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This is just perfect to have in any situation. Whether you want to have a movie night, just kill some time, or entertain your party guests, a gaming console and/or TV should keep people happily occupied. If you don’t already, purchasing an Xbox, Playstation, or Wii for your TV will most likely be enough if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to get that many other things to display in your man cave.


4. Decked out furniture


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For practicality purposes, it’s nice to have something like a nice hammock, ottoman, or coffee table lying around. Picking out the right furniture for a man cave also gives you the chance to really personalize the space to make it enjoyable for yourself and for having company. For a more sophisticated look, even a nice bookcase would suffice regardless of whether you read or not, you’ll also have extra storage space for your books. A good place to acquire these would be Ikea where all the furniture looks chic but are very affordable.


5. A fridge


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Need we say more? A fridge is essential for keeping beer and snacks cool for when you decide to invite people over. If not a regular fridge, even a mini fridge should do. Stock it up with alcohol if you wish, but having some food is recommended when people start getting the munchies and need something quick to chow on.