The Windows Replacement Process

New Window Replacement Tips

New Window Replacement Tips

Generally speaking, it is best to choose a professional for windows replacement in Calgary. Doing so provides the advantage of getting everything done right the first time, with the weather and environment of the Calgary region taken into account. Even if you opt for professional help, though, you might be interested in the windows replacement process.

If this is the case, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when a professional visits your home to add new windows.

Measurements and Discussion

It simple would not do for a professional to deliver windows in Grande Prairie or anywhere else that do not fit properly. A window has to be the exact right size in order to create an airtight seal with the frame. Because of this, the first thing an installer will do is take careful measurements of all spaces where windows are supposed to go. After that, they will discuss the options with you. Most people choose the same style but just want to have newer, upgraded windows. However, it you have a desire to switch window styles for something newer, now is the time to mention that to your installer. They can provide you with several fine options.

Old Window Removal

After the style and size of windows has been determined, the installer will place an order for the windows if there are none already in stock. Fortunately, the delivery of these windows takes a very short amount of time. Once the new items have arrived or pulled from the stockroom, it is time to remove the old windows. This step requires a lot of attention to detail, as the installer needs to make sure not to damage the wall around the window and to find areas where warped wood or small holes might create air leaks. These potential leaks are covered thoroughly with caulk to prevent them from becoming a problem with the new windows.

New Window Replacement Tips

New Window Installation

Following the removal and disposal of the old windows, it is time to put in the new ones. Once again, making sure that an airtight seal is properly established is of paramount importance. Vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient because they prevent airflow from outside when they are closed. The installer will work to make sure that the seal is at its tightest, caulking around any potential holes. After the windows are all installed, you can expect a professional installer to open and close them to make sure there are no problems. That way, the professional can fix the problem right on the spot and make sure that you are absolutely satisfied with your new windows.

The window installation process is fairly straightforward, but it can also be time consuming depending on how many windows you have in your home that need replacement. Attention to detail and precision are especially important in order to make sure that your new vinyl windows work at peak capacity. Because of this, hiring a professional installer pays big dividends down the road.

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