The best Black & Mild flavors that will rock your world


Mild black cigar sits on top of the list of the finest cigars to have ever graced our civilization. This machine rolled cigar is a smoker’s favorite famed for its sweet flavor and enchanting aroma. The aftertaste is superb as well closely mirroring that of the most exceptional handmade cigars. 

This cigar has a vast spectrum of flavors suiting different taste buds. With tens of flavor, choosing the perfect one for you may be quite baffling. How about we help you out with some of the most spectacular Black and Mild cigar flavors that will rock your world with delight?


Let us start with the Black & Mild Wine Cigars


This flavor is one of the best variants. Wine Cigars are perfectly optimized for that smooth and meeker smoking experience.

For pipe cigar enthusiasts, the wine flavor works best for them as it allows them to enjoy a mild smoke while savoring the aftertaste. Wine Cigars are presented as plastic tip cigars and are readily mobile with the cigar box being convenient.  

In all, the Wine Cigars is always ready to give you that delectable puff anytime you need it. More interestingly, they are very affordable.


Black & Mild Wine Wood Tip is another eminent variant on the list


For generations, the wine wood tip cigar has been giving joy to pipe smokers across the globe. It is no wonder this flavor ranks among the bestselling cigars ever. 

Many smokers have fallen head over heels in love with this cigar for the smoothness of its flavor as well as the durability of the pleasures it lavishes on you. It is therefore no secret the wood tip is one of the most trusted flavors in the cigar family.

The smoke palatably merges sweetness with subtleness giving you that perfect smoke after a hard day. Your palate will be ever grateful when you smoke this flavor. 


The sound of Middleton Black & Mild Cigars is music for every pipe smoker


Most of the time, many pipe smokers balk at the rigor of perpetually cleaning their pipes. Of course, the world is already stacked with a billion and one problems. Therefore, adding the cleaning of your pipe to an already stashed to-do list is never good news for smokers.

This is why the Middleton jazz cigars are sweethearts for such pipe smokers – almost eliminating the boring need for pipe cleaning. This flavor comes in a 5 x 30 dimension. The binders, just like the wrapper, are made from homogenized tobacco leaf. 

Presenting that epic mellow taste with lovely aromas, the jazz Black and Mild flavor will juice your day up with joy.  It is relatively inexpensive yet they are packed masterfully to last longer.

To round up, any of these flavors is fine for the taking depending on your mood as well as the environment. Very few things are as masterful at changing a bad day to a wonderful day as real good smoke. Buy Pipe Tobacco is your guaranteed destination of getting the best flavors to bring back the spark to your day!