The Best Scrubs For Softer, Smoother Skin

Seven of our favorite scrubs

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Tree Hut - $7.49


Tree hut has many different scrubs that are all used for the same purpose but have many different lovely scents. Some of these scents are coconut and lime, tropical mango, lychee and plum, fig and olive, and marula and jasmine. No matter your taste in fragrances, Tree Hut has something for you that will appeal to your preferences. Tree Hut is a heavy-duty scrub, so it is not the best for those with sensitive skin. This scrub will get rid of all of the dead skin on your body and is great for those with rough calluses on their feet. If you have sensitive skin and want to give this product a try, gently work the product into your skin being cautious of how hard you are scrubbing.