The smart guide on how to pack your home when moving


Only thinking about the moving process stresses you out. Everyone knows that moving your house implies long hours of sorting, packing and labelling. Don’t make the mistake to postpone packing until the last minute because you will find it more overwhelming than if you do it gradually. Here are some guidelines that will help you successfully move your belongings.


Clean the house

Why should you clean the house when all you want to do is move? Well, decluttering will help you figure out want to keep and what you prefer to throw, donate or sell. Before starting to pack items, you should clean every room and sort everything. By packing only the essential items, you will also lower the removal costs. When the moving day will come, you will thank yourself that you cleaned the house, and the removal team will be more than happy that they don’t have to handle your grandmother’s old china. Broken electronic devices, Christmas decorations, and damaged furniture items, should all be thrown away. 

Make a list

By creating an inventory, you make sure, that you don’t forget essential things at your old house. If you collaborate with a removal company, they will create the inventory for you. But if you prefer to organize everything by yourself, and ask the removal team to only transport the packages, then you need a list. Create an inventory for every room, it will be easier to track them. 

Purchase packaging materials

After you create the list, you can categorize the items and determine the type of packaging supplies you need. Don’t try to save on packaging materials, use only high-quality boxes and supplies because they protect your items from being damaged when transported. You can check at the local shop if they provide moving home kits, if not you should purchase different size boxes, bubble wrap and tape. When reusing boxes you should cover the old labeling, the removal company needs to know exactly what they are transporting, to store and move them in proper conditions

Label the boxes accordingly

When labeling the boxes you should write on their cover the room where they belong, and if they contain fragile items. Depending on the type of goods you put in the boxes, you should also mark the way they should be held. When arranging the kitchen items you should label the box as containing dangerous items, it will notify the movers to handle them carefully. 

Make an essentials box, items you will need during your first day at your new house. An alternative solution would be to attach a list of items on all boxes, it will help you identify the content easier. 

Here is how to pack by rooms

Living room

It’s advisable to start with the living room, you’ll not miss your TV and couch for a couple of weeks, you’ll be too busy to plan the moving. Before you start dismantling furniture items, it’s advisable to cover the floor to prevent scrapes. When you dismantle the bookcases, put the books in labeled boxes and then disassemble every item individually. If you organize the pieces and you’ll find easier to identify them when you will arrive at your new house. Do the same with all the furniture items from your living room. 

Move all the electronic devices in their original packages and cover them in bubble wrap. If you threw the original packages, you should ask the movers to offer some special boxes and materials. 

Some removal companies do not carry potted plants, so it’s advisable to check their conditions before packing them. A great alternative is to offer them as gifts to your friends and neighbors. 


When dissembling furniture items you should keep the bolts and screws together and store them in one of the boxes containing the pieces. When hiring removal professionals you can ask them to help you dissemble and install furniture items. 

All your blankets, sheets and mattresses should be wrapped in dustsheets to protect them during transportation. The bed is the first furniture item you will install when you will arrive at your new house, so you should ask the removal company to deliver it as early as possible. It’s advisable to ask them to install the bedroom furniture before your arrival, it will guarantee a worry-free first night. Having a couple of hours of decent sleep is important for you when moving, you will probably spend the following days unpacking and installing furniture. 


You’ll have to use wrapping paper for most of your kitchen belongings, it will protect them from breaking during transportation. Roll up every cutlery item and utensil before placing it in a box. For knives and other sharp objects, you should use special protectors. Place all of them the same way, and mark the box as containing sharp objects. Wrap all glass-made objects in bubble wrap and place them in boxes with their widest part downside. Mark the boxes as fragile to let the movers know what they’re holding. 

You don’t have to use bubble wrap for pans and pots, but it’s advisable to place paper between them to cover their non-stick layer. 


Before starting to pack the items from your bathroom, you should sort them and clear out the ones out of date. Many removal companies don’t transport half-used cleaning product bottles because they could leak during transportation. Therefore, it’s advisable to use them before moving, and not to buy other ones until you are already installed in your new residence. 

The towels can be used to wrap fragile items that could break during transportation. Before placing all the bathroom items in boxes, make sure to keep some of them out because you’ll need them when you arrive. 

Even if you are an organized person, it’s always advisable to collaborate with a professional company, they can always offer recommendations on how to safely pack different items. Place all the essential items in the same box, it’s easier to find them this way