These 5 Fall Trends Will Make Your Backyard Irresistible

Fall Landscaping Trends

Fall Landscaping Trends

This fall, it’s less about brightly colored pumpkins and more about blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors. Here are five trends that will help you embrace autumn and squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of your outdoor space.

Make Your Backyard a Retreat

Fall comes with lots of business, and a peaceful outdoor retreat is a reason to celebrate the new season. Creating deep seating areas and adding luxurious textured cushions, rugs, and blankets makes the space compelling as the temperature begins to drop; adding a fire pit or heater makes the space irresistible. 

Don’t forget to skip the “matchy matchy.” Instead, mix and match furniture, including vintage and vintage-inspired pieces strategically through your backyard space to add a designer touch.

Natural is Beautiful

A previous focus on modern furniture and manufactured materials is giving way to a renewed love for natural materials. Once again, landscape designers are turning to natural textures and fluid materials to add beauty to a backyard. The most on-trend backyards now have elements like contemporary water fountains, old rope swings, and rockeries.

Incorporate Native Plants and Edibles

The “no more waste” food movement has found a beautiful extension in one of this fall's hottest trends: edible gardening. Don’t just look to fall blooms to provide color and texture to your outdoor space; edibles are a perfect aesthetic choice with the added benefit of being, well, edible. Your friends will be delighted to find bok choy and kale growing in your deck containers.

It doesn’t have to be edible to be sustainable and delightful. Using native plants makes economic sense, and speaks to a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Luscious Colors

Textures and neutrals are the trend du jour in this fall’s backyard world but don’t forget color. Shades of dark green and soft blush are solidly on trend and will look stunning against your natural plants and edible containers.

Celebrate in Style

Possibly our favorite fall trend, outdoor parties are stunning ways to delight guests and celebrate the season. The crisp autumnal weather is the perfect excuse to cozy up with twinkling lights, hot drinks, warm fire pits, and dark greens, natural textures, and native beauty.

Fall is the perfect excuse for refreshing your garden landscape and backyard design. These five trends will make your outdoor space irresistible and have you enjoying this autumn more than ever before.

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