Tips To Help Increase The Value Of Your Property



Are you interested in selling your house? Or has your house now been on the market long enough to make you lose hope of it ever selling? If any of these apply, it may be worth seeking out ways to increase your property's value and attractiveness. Here are some of the best tricks that experts consider useful (and cheap) to increase the value of a house and attract buyers and tenants.


Repaint The House

You may be in love with your red walls, but most likely a potential buyer is not. It is smart to add an inner layer of fresh paint of a neutral color, such as white, sand, or cream. A gloss paint will make the walls look brighter and can hide minor imperfections, such as dents from drywall or small cracks in the plaster.


Redesign Your Outdoor Space

This next tip may come as a surprise since it can be quite a tremendous job; however, attractive outdoor spaces and modern garden designs can score massive brownie points with potential buyers, even if the area is small. This is due to the 'welcome' and 'enjoyment' factor. Many people love the 'welcome home' feeling the outdoor space can bring, as well as all the opportunities for relaxation, barbecuing and pool parties, that a well-designed garden offers.


The addition of beautiful plants not only changes the appearance of a house, but it also assists with making it look elegant, attractive, and cheerful. When plants are properly taken care of, they give a good sign to the buyers that the house itself has been well looked after.


If you do not have time to design the outdoor area yourself, make use of an expert landscaper such as Scott Byron, who offers meticulous garden designs.


Clean The House Thoroughly

As the saying goes 'cleanliness is next to godliness.' For potential buyers, there is nothing more worshipped in the home than clean walls, floors, and surfaces. Even with old furnishings, a clean house can be very appealing to potential buyers. The house must be so clean that it invites whoever visits it.


In addition to the ordinary yet effective cleaning methods such as dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Make sure you reach the most hidden areas, including vents, baseboards, cabinets, blinds and door knobs. You may want to consider steam cleaning carpets, washing walls and windows, and replacing broken windows or screens.


The house must be free of stains, odors, and humidity; make sure your home is airy and fresh; keep windows open in the hours previous to a home visit. If you are concerned about the time it will take you to finish all these odd jobs, you could consider a deep-cleaning expert, as they have all the required professional products.


Change The Floors

Wooden floors have a lot of benefits and can draw in potential buyers, while carpeted homes are sometimes frowned upon. If your entire home is carpeted, the addition of wooden floors in some rooms can be a practical solution that offers a clean-cut finish and pleasant aesthetic. There is more of a ‘blank canvas’ feel with wooden floors, and if you do want to add a little color, you can add a fluffy rug if necessary. Also, as many homes that are carpeted already come with a hardwood floor underneath, a good idea is to check a small corner underneath the carpet to see the condition of the floors. If you do discover hardwood, you can remove the carpet and restore the original floors. Wooden floors are much easier to keep clean, which will be noted by prospective buyers.


Alternatively, a good idea will be to ensure that all the carpets in the home are thoroughly cleaned and free form dust.