Tips for Making the Most of Your Fashion Boutique Dresses

5 Pocket denim skirt with an on-trend frayed bottom Paired with comfy off the shoulder crop top perfect casual outfit for summer.


There are many, many different types of dresses for women out there to choose from when you want something sexy and dressy for a special occasion. And with an ever-growing variety of dress styles that gain popularity and become part of popular trends, the options become even more amazing. Many of the new dresses that are being designed today have styling elements that allow them to be worn in so many ways and adjusted to match many fashion flares and body types. It is important to have great looking dresses and outfits that you can choose from and it is just as important that they are comfortable to wear and also easy to accessorize.


Here at Un Bacio Boutique we specialize in boutique dresses, high-end fashion and luxury dresses for any occasion. If you are looking for sexy party dresses, then you need look no further our stunning section. We have everything you want and need and so much more, including helpful tips to help you make the most of your fashion boutique dresses in the Rancho Santa Fe or San Diego area! To better understand how to find the right dress, here are some pointers to keep in mind as you search for the best local women’s fashion dresses:


The length of a dress is very important to take into consideration when you are shopping as well as when you are choosing a dress to wear for a big party, a first date, or another special event. A lot of the back and forth ladies go through when determining how long or short your dress could or should actually largely depend on the event and your body type. A shorter length ladies dress or a low-cut dress is usually a good choice for a night on the town, for a date night, or for a well-endowed lady. A slimmer tighter-fitting piece may not show off as much skin but will definitely help to show off all your curves, which may be a better choice. Every long full-length simple dressed can become sexy party dresses when they are worn and accessorized properly. So be sure to have a variety of lengths available in your closet by taking advantage of the great dresses we have available here at Un Bacio Boutique and letting us help you find the best fashion dresses in the area. If you are looking for quality high-end luxury dresses in and around the San Diego area then we invite you to come see the great online ladies dresses we have for sale!

Off the shoulder ruffled linen crop top with zipper closure paired with matching mid-waist maxi ruffled skirt with side zipper perfect for summer.

Prints and patterns
Prints can present a major challenge for some women because body shape and type can drastically change how prints as well as patterns appear when the dress is worn. Larger frames are not best suited for these types of fabrics as they can make curves more accentuated which may not have the desired effect in the long run. Prints and patterns on your dresses should complement your unique body type and shape and reflect your own unique flare. Also, keep in mind that these patterns and designs do not always have to bold and in your face. Bright stripes may not be best for your body type but a small delicate vine or floral pattern could be the perfect fit. So be sure you think about your body and how the pattern or print will fall on your body. A little thought and planning and being honest with yourself about what will and will not look best for your body is the best approach for patterns and prints. When choosing the right ladies dress for your local La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe parties and events, our boutique is the only one you need to be focused on!


Mind the shades

There are many different colors to choose from when you are shopping for luxury dresses here at Un Bacio Boutique of Solana Beach, and there are even more shades of each color for you to consider. Darker tones and shades are a wonderful way to bring a strong and grounded look to your wardrobe because the darker colors offer an elegant look to any outfit. A dark blue or red, the classic black, or a darker base with a colorful accent are staples for many high-end fashion collections and they are the most popular color choice for fall and winter-themed dresses. Brighter shades and colors are a perfect for causal everyday wear and are especially popular in the warmer seasons when you want to be as bright and cheery as the weather. They make a perfect choice for everyday activities or those fun girl’s nights out or a summertime party with friends. Whatever the color, finding the right boutique dress is a piece of cake when you know what to look for! Whether you want sexy of cute women’s clothing is easy to find here at Un Bacio Boutique.

Strapless sweetheart mini dress with paisley lace embroidery throughout perfect for any special occasion.

One place that many ladies in and around the Del Mar area miss the mark when it comes to making the most of their fashion boutique dresses is that they neglect to give their feet the attention they deserve! Whether you are wearing a knee-high summer dress for women or a floor-length winter evening gown, your feet are just as important a part of the total look as the dress itself. You should have shoes that fit the look and style of your dress and that also are appropriate for the occasion.  It is not a good idea to wear stiletto heels with a floor length evening gown if you will be climbing stairs during your event. Likewise, simple flats may not be dressy enough for a short dress you are wearing to a wedding reception. Your shoes should match your dress and they should complement it, not steal attention away from it. Simple is often the best way to go and if in doubt a solid color slip on heel is usually a fairly safe bet with just about any style dress or other piece of boutique clothing!



The final touch to consider when you are choosing the best luxury dress from Un Bacio Boutique is to think about how you plan to accessorize it. Everything from the rings and necklaces you wear, to the way you do your hair, to the purse or handbag you carry can affect the overall look and feel of a dress. So, be sure to consider what accessories you are going to pair with your dress. A different purse can turn a casual dress into a fancier looking outfit and leaving some of the jewelry at home can help dial back an evening gown so it is more appropriate for a dinner party. So be sure to have in the back of your mind an idea of what accessories you have available and be thinking about what will go best with a certain dress. It can really help you get more use and more looks out of your Solana Beach dresses in the long run; it can also help you find dresses right off the bat that will work best for you and your fashion needs.


For more fashion tips and ideas for your wardrobe upgrade and to find luxury party dresses for your next special event, check us out at today! While we are moving to a new location to better serve you, our commitment to providing everyone with the finest in luxury fashion and high-end dresses is unwavering. Come see us at 135 S Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075 and let us show you the amazing selection we have available when it comes to the very best fashion boutique dresses! Fashion clothes for ladies is what we are known for so let us help you get the best dresses the San Diego area has to offer!