Top Career Choices For Californians

If you’re looking for a new career choice, then luckily, you have a wide variety of options! The problem is that automation and a worrying employment landscape makes it difficult to choose the right long-term career. For Californians, there is a wealth of options available, and the smart job hunter can benefit from a number of high-demand career choices. If your current employment is lacking, then finding a more motivating and profitable job can be liberating both mentally and financially. Look at the following options, and you could soon be enjoying a change of career that fits every criterion you’ve been looking for.


  1. Solar Panel Installation


California gets a lot of sunshine, and with so many people keeping an eye on sustainability, there is an incredible growth rate in employment options for those who become installers of solar panels. If you have a high school diploma or GED, then you may be able to find an employer willing to train you, although construction experience will help you secure long-term employment.


  1. Home Carer


With a growing number of elderly residents in California, home care is an excellent career choice for those concerned with the viability of long-term employment. Home carers are expected to have an increased demand of 40% leading up to 2026, although you will need some health care education in order to enter this lucrative field.


  1. Therapists


Whether it’s for families, individuals, or couples, becoming a therapist is a good way to secure a career that will last. This is a good employment prospect for those with a high level of empathy, but you will need some extensive education. If heading off to college is not an option, then online MAs are available from a wide variety of institutions.


  1. Cartographers


You might think that the world has already been mapped, so there’s no need for more cartographers in the world! That somewhat understates the need for them and misinterprets precisely what they do. Collecting, analyzing and interpreting geographic information from an ever-changing source of geodetic surveys, aerial photography, and satellite data, the modern cartographer has a wide range of duties. You will need a Bachelor's Degree to become a cartographer, but for those who feel comfortable with large volumes of data, this could be a mentally rewarding and lucrative option to consider.


  1. Market Researcher


If you have an entrepreneurial eye and the ability to sell, then market research could be the career of your dreams. With employment in this sector looking set to rise by up to 30% by 2026, there is also a lot of job security for those exploring this career in California. Education is going to be the key, and you should look at either a BA in Communications or Marketing if you want to take advantage of this very secure sector.


  1. Animal Trainer


If you want a career that involves spending a lot of time with animals, then this is a fantastic avenue to explore! From guide dogs for the blind, training for horses, or even unique roles like training animals for Hollywood, this is an unusual and high-demand career. Apprenticeships may be available in some areas, although having some education in a veterinary area will be of benefit as well.


  1. Flight Attendant


There are some hectic airports in California, and there is a consistently high demand for the men and women who look after passengers. You won’t need any specific education requirements, although each airline has different criteria. Look at the websites of those airlines that fly in and out of California on a daily basis, and sign up for their on-the-job training schemes. What’s more, this is a good way to see the world and earn while doing so!


  1. Enterprise Architect


Businesses the world over are starting to make far greater use of enterprise architects, making it one of the safer career options. Used by corporations and businesses of every size and sector, they will need to be very organized and up to date with the latest business trends and technologies. You can learn more here about the requirements and education needed to access this career choice, and it could end up being your dream job.


  1. Taxi Driver/Chauffeur


It’s very challenging to live in California without a car, but there are a surprising number of people that are choosing to lose the wheels and reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why both chauffeurs and taxi drivers are in growing demand. With the popularity and growth of apps like Uber, this is an easier career option than many alternatives. You could transfer your insurance and sign up for Uber in an afternoon, making this one of the fastest ways to escape your mind-numbing current employment.


  1. Athletic Trainer


Making sure that athletes are in peak physical condition is a highly complex and full-time job. It’s also a sector that is growing, with estimates of a 23% growth in the need for experienced athletic trainers by 2026. It’s not just about managing the training schedule and dietary requirements of athletes either. It also has a focus on injury recovery and injury prevention as well. A BA is the minimum level of education for athletic trainers, and the higher your level of education the more likely that this will become a profitable career option.


  1. Hairdresser/Barber


This has always been a good career option for those that lack the time or finances to pursue higher education. It’s actually becoming a high-value career, with demand continuing to rise annually. You will need vocational training before you get to start snipping away at people's hair, and courses are varied depending on the area that you live in. With more than 30 institutions offering those vocational courses, this is a fantastic option to consider.


Choosing a new career can be both exciting and daunting. The level of commitment that you’re willing to put in will help you to decide which job is going to suit you. Make sure that you do your research and look at the data regarding the future of each profession. The more that you know about your future, the more likely that you will make a decision that suits your goals and gives you a much better quality of life.