Top Hair Salons in San Diego

How to Choose the Best Hair Salon for You, and Where to Start

Photo used with permission

Hair is a precious thing. At least, the hair on top of your head is. Hair can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some people don’t have that much of an attachment to their hair, and some people protect their hair at all costs. Now more than ever, it seems like people are using their hair as a way to express themselves, their identities. Dying, cutting, and coloring your hair is one way to express yourself without having to say anything, and that is extremely powerful. So with all this being said, it would be terrible for your hairstylist to get it wrong, right? The big question now becomes this: How do you go about choosing the right salon, the right stylist for you? It depends on what it is that you want to have done, the environment that works best for you. What type of experience do you want to have? Do you want balayage done or a quick trim? These are among the questions that you have to ask yourself when determining how to choose the salon you want to try out, and here are a few salons to get you started.

Headlines the Salon, Encinitas

Headlines the Salon is one of those rare salons that offers complete professionalism and a relaxed environment. A five-star salon, this salon offers many services including hair extensions, skin care services, hair coloring, blowouts, and even services for beards and mustaches. With some of San Diego’s most talented stylists, you really can’t go wrong at this salon. No matter if you need a complete hair makeover or a fun updo for a date night, Headlines the Salon has got you completely covered. This salon is full of trustworthy stylists who listen to what you want and deliver it, which, unfortunately, is not so easy to find sometimes.

Studio Savvy, Rancho Santa Fe

This beautiful, clean, warm salon is in a fantastic location in Rancho Santa Fe. Each of the stylists at this five-star salon spends the time and effort to make sure the color is perfect for you personally, matching the hair color to your skin tone. The vibe here is very cool, trendy and super friendly! It’s always a good time and the complete opposite of those quietly awkward sessions that seem to drag on forever. No, here, you can have fun and talk with your stylist so the sessions don’t seem long at all. The salon is beautiful and inviting, and each stylist gives the utmost attention to each client that sits in their chair.


Salon on 30th, South Park

Yet another five-star salon that is seated one of the most popular neighborhoods of San Diego. The hip environment of South Park is carried over into this salon through its decoration and vibe. This salon is friendly to all ages and genders and offers numerous services like blowouts, coloring, styling, and other types of hair treatment. The stylists make sure to communicate with the customer to ensure maximum accuracy and happiness. These stylists genuinely care about your wishes and will go above and beyond to make sure that you have the best experience.

Belli Belli Salon & Boutique, Pacific Beach

Regardless if you need a simple haircut, a balayage, or an updo for an event, this salon has got it covered. The salon has three different areas, plenty of space for all the customers they attract. Each stylist is extremely educated in all aspects of hair and can take you from dark brown to dirty blonde with ease, all while maintaining health in your hair. Definitely, give this salon a try if you are looking to change hair colors without damaging your hair!

Fox and Jane Salon, Banker’s Hill

This salon is full of highly-educated stylists who are dedicated to giving the customer what they want. Stylists will spend time getting to know both you and your hair, discussing what will work best for your hair in order to achieve the look that you desire. Their high level of professionalism has earned them five stars on review sites and is very popular in the area. A well-rounded salon, there will not be a single silent moment between you and your stylist as each of them has bubbly personalities and love to keep you entertained while on your hair journey. Need a trim? No problem. Looking for a dramatic color change? You got it. No matter what you want, Fox and Jane Salon will give it to you.