Top Reasons To Visit Singapore

Singapore at night

Photo used with permission

Located in a prime location in Southeast Asia, Singapore is not only one of the fastest upcoming business hubs in this region, but it is also one of the most visited regions on earth. It might be the most expensive place on earth, but the number of amazing things to do and see for travelers in Singapore is endless. If you've yet to visit this city-state in Asia, here are some of the perfect reasons you should make Singapore your next vacation destination:

1. Cultural And Ethnic Diversity

Singapore has a little bit of everything when it comes to culture. For example, Chinese touches are so visible everywhere, so are some western touches as well as Hindu and Malay. You don't =have to worry too much about the language barrier since English is one of the nationally spoken languages. So you should be able to enjoy Singapore without experiencing any kind of hitch. There is always a cultural festival going down. You can time your visit to coincide with one of the cultural festivals, for example, the Deepavali of the Hindu. You will love it. According to an estimate, around 65% of Singapore’s population is foreign. Now you know how much cultural diversity you should expect to see while in Singapore! 

2. Great Weather

In most parts of the West, when it gets cold, it really gets cold and when it gets hot, it really gets hot, but that is not the case with Singapore. Even the coldest month, which is January, is pretty livable. For example, in January, the average temperature in Singapore is 26 degrees, yes, you guessed it right, Celsius! February to October, the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (that's about 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit). So the weather in Singapore is such that you can visit this beautiful small nation all year around.

3. Delicious Food

Why would someone fly all the way from New York just so they can go eat in Singapore? Same reason people fly all the way to Africa to see a built-like-a-battle-tank rhino in its natural habitat. When you get to Singapore, start delighting your palate in the Hawker Centers where you can have great bites for less than ten dollars, that is, Singaporean dollars. Hawker Centers are actually suave food courts, large ones set out in the open air. If you like, you can call them communities of eating enthusiasts.

4. Shopper’s Haven

Ok, Singapore is not Paris, but it still upholds its end of the bargain very well, and speaking of bargains, this city has everything that you might need at very affordable prices. Do make sure you stop by Chinatown to buy souvenirs, Little India for a little of everything, Orchard Road and other shopping places. You will love it!

5. Luxury Hotels

Interesting hotels, that is, hotels in weird places, and hotels that do not look like hotels are popping up every day in Singapore. The most outstanding of these is the Warehouse Hotel that is inside a 19th Century warehouse on Robertson Quay. Everything in the hotel from the furniture and the interior décor to the food is sourced from local talent. How awesome is that? The Marina Bay Sands Hotel offers an incredible rooftop swimming pool. Other hotels like the Raffles Hotel is reminiscent of colonial times gone by.

6. World’s Most Visited Zoo

Believe it or not, many people leave home to visit Singapore just so they can go to the Singapore Zoo. Like everything else in Singapore, you will find this zoo very unique thanks to its open design where the animal enclosures are not cages but are separated by moats. You will also love that you can ride in a horse carriage, boat, or tram to see the animals.

7. Exceptional Nightlife

Singapore once had three bars rated as top ranking in Asia and a few years later, nothing has changed. This is the city of mixology, where you can have awesome, tongue-splitting and taste-bud-maddening cocktails at great prices. Even the regular bars are quite awesome as you will see, with a wonderful array of drinks from all over the world. You only live once but if you visit Singapore, once is more than enough. You can expect to party in these bars all night with such a diverse, multicultural environment.


Singapore has to be one of the most visited places on earth for so many more reasons. As you already know the number of foreigners living in Singapore is very high in percentage, you can even think of moving to Singapore with your family and would be perfectly comfortable. You can earn your living in Singapore being a home tuition teacher as teaching is a highly respected and paid occupation in Singapore. You can teach whatever subject in which you specialize. So go out and explore more reasons to visit Singapore and discover the true elegance of Singapore for yourself!