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Sam Edelman Must-Haves

Hazel Pointed Toe Heel, $120, Sam Edelman

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With 30 years in the industry, Sam Edelman has aged his craft of footwear design much like a fine wine. Several successes and a few misfortunes in the industry guided him in and out of the footwear world, though it was really a horseback riding accident that sparked the beginnings of his now wildly successful company. We now know Sam Edelman to design shoes, handbags, and accessories––all are top-shelf quality at a mild price range. The line is consistent with current trends and always has popular, timeless pieces available. 

Sam Edelman Shoe Must-Haves 

Odele Ankle Wrap Sandals 

We ladies know all too well the struggle of fending off blisters and sore toes as a result of long term heel-wear. Prolonged comfort can be as simple as wearing a pair of chunky heels. The Odele Ankle Wrap Sandals ($120.00) are a girly combination of comfort and cute. Wrap heels have made their debut on the runway this season, accentuating the ankle for a feminine touch.

Sam Edelman sandals 

Sleek and Chic! The Patti Ankle Strap Sandal ($100 ) is known as a “Sam's girl must-have.” These simple heels offer the utmost versatility. There’s always that one pair of shoes in your wardrobe that seem to find their way to your feet every day, and these stilettos will be that pair! The simple yet elegant design is parable with a formal or casual outfit. 

Sam Edelman boots

Here’s hoping you’ve added a pair of boots to your ever growing shoe collection. If you haven’t, Sam Edelman's Portman Leather Riding Boots ($175) are a prime example of why you should invest in a pair. Stretchy suede hugs your legs all the way up to your knees, shaping them for a long, lean look. This style of boot can be worn well into the warm summer days when paired with a dress or skirt. Style up some distressed jeans or high-wasted shorts with these suede beauties for a raw finish.

Yardley Sam Edelman 

Yardley Lace-Up Heeled Sandal ($150) are an everyday must. Ultra-sexy woven details on these heals make for an intricate work of art. Skinny jeans are a friendly pairing with these booties, but for a fashion-forward take, wear them with a rolled up boyfriend jean. 

Sam Edelman

Hello prints, we meet again! If you haven’t heard, print patterns are sneaking their way into the must-haves of the year. With a stiletto heel and low-cut sides, the Hazel Pointed Toe Heels ($120) are Sam Edelman's fresh take on the perfect pump.