Top Three Trendy Spas in San Diego for Twenty-Somethings

Top Three Trendy Spas in San Diego for Twenty-Somethings

As you enter the building, the brassy cry of 6 AM traffic fades as the gentle toll of Tibetan singing bowls fills your ears in a liquid sound. The hot, smog-ridden San Diego air dissipates, and you breathe in the air-conditioned aroma of essential oils. No longer do the cruel or apathetic faces of city dwellers surround you but the beaming faces of massage therapists and nail artists. You are in a spa, a sacred space for the human body to be nurtured and worshipped. It is here where you will soak away the stress and tension of the day in fragrances of lavender and mint. It is here where you will restore your mind, body, and health.


Within the bright and shining star-city of San Diego, it is not unknown that some of California’s best luxury spas reside within its borders. While many of these businesses are geared for older audiences, many spas have been restyling their businesses to attract younger clients. Whether it be an introduction in new, stress-reducing spa treatments or a more stylish salon scene, San Diego spas are making a statement that people of all ages deserve relaxation and recreation. This is especially true for our university-fresh, entry-job seeking counterparts who drink coffee like spring water. Out of all the luxury spas in San Diego, here are the top three in San Diego for twenty-somethings:


1. Urban Calm


The children of flower children, many Californian millennials are turning towards nature for nutrition. Organic beauty products are becoming increasingly more popular throughout younger generations, especially for cruelty free-loving vegans and vegetarians. The spa Urban Calm was founded by esthetician Heidi Olden, a believer in the benefits natural treatments and products have in maximizing wellness. When she opened Urban Calm in 2002, Olden was recognized on the San Diego spa scene for her use of natural skincare products like Enessa and ancient beauty treatments like eyebrow threading. Urban Calm is now one of the most popular spa destinations for young adults. Urban Calm offers massages, tanning, waxing, threading, and facials. However, it is advised that you book in advance as the spa is known to fill up quickly.


2.   Eco Chateau


Another wellness spa based on the healing powers of Mother Nature, Eco Chateau provides a rustic, down-to-earth space where you can relax and unwind. Founded by Christine McDannell in 2012, McDannell sought to create a space that promoted balance, health, and wellness. McDannell wanted Eco Chateau to not only benefit its clients but the environment as well, using only environmentally friendly products and treatments. The spa is also covered in 272 solar panels, and its furniture is made from recyclable material.  Eco Chateau offers a wide variety of services, including massages, skin care, saunas, colon hydrotherapy, infrared body wraps, and detoxification/cleansing programs. Accompanied with a friendly staff, it is difficult not to fall in love with Eco Chateau the second you walk in the place.


3. Spa Kingston


Completing the triumvirate of trendy spas in San Diego, Spa Kingston is a luxury day spa with a chic design and a young, down-to-earth staff. Founded by young entrepreneur Renee Maloney in 2011, Spa Kingston works to provide a customizable spa experience that suits the needs of every and any individual. Not only is Spa Kingston dedicated to outer beauty but inner beauty as well, sponsoring outreach programs, volunteer work, benefits, and fundraisers. Many of the treatments at Spa Kingston, however, are targeted for younger audiences, such as acne treatment, hair removal, massages, tanning, and skin care. In a space as elegant yet unpretentious as this, you will feel like royalty the second you walk in.


For just a moment, forget about the hustle and bustle of San Diego and unwind to spend quality time with your most important person: yourself.