Transforming Your Bathroom: A Guide

While your bathroom is, understandably, a functional room first, there’s no need to opt for practical and clinical over stylish and elegant. Instead, this space should be somewhere to restore your sense of peace and calm after a hectic day; it should be a place to relax. If your current bathroom is somewhat lacking, there are a variety of updates you can make to take it from drab to fab. From opting for a new color scheme to adding elegant fixtures, below are four key elements to focus on to transform your space.     

Color Scheme

The color you choose for any room in your home can directly influence how you feel, and your bathroom is no exception to this. It may be tempting to add a splash of vibrant green to your bathroom, and of course, there’s no stopping you. It’s your space, but it won’t promote the relaxation vibe you want. Each color brings a different mood and connotations with it, so it’s worthwhile to explore how you want to feel whenever you’re in the bathroom.

As mentioned above, vibrant green may not be the best shade because this color is often (subconsciously) associated with sickness and jealousy. Instead, look towards neutral shades, such as soft taupe or gray. These colors add a touch of luxury to a space, which is why they are often found in 5-star hotel bathrooms. If you feel neutral is boring, you can, instead, choose soft purple to paint the walls, as this will create a refreshing spa environment, which is ideal for relaxing in the tub after a long day.

However, don’t let the overall color scheme put you off accessorizing the space with a bright pop of color. Choose contrasting hand towels or shower curtain in shades of blue and pink to truly make them stand out from the background.      


In any bathroom, there is always going to be the set fixtures. These are, unbelievably, the toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. Renovating these items is going to be expensive, unfortunately, but for creating the perfect bathroom, it’s an investment worth making.  

However, if you do choose to update the fixtures, you need to think practically first, and stylish second. These two elements should determine what you replace, and how you replace it. For example, the toilet is always going to be one of the main components of the room, but why not upgrade it to a technological dream fixture? On today’s market, you can find toilets which have heated seats, motion sensors which open and close the lid for you, along with being environmentally friendly by reducing your water usage.

A bathtub may be the ultimate luxury, but in terms of practicality, you need to assess whether your current space can house the tub size you want. For your comfort and to be able to bathe in style, choose a tub which is over 24” deep, where you can recline for hours. Taking it one step further, why not opt for bathtub which includes jets, to create a spa-like experience.

There are a variety of smaller fixtures which need to be considered, such as lighting, vanity units, and sinks. A vanity unit can add a touch of luxury, especially if you choose a free-standing unit with space to hold decorative items such as candles. Your lighting can make or break your room. If you cannot see clearly, you risk leaving the house with your makeup smudged and your hair out of place! Of course, there’s no need for bath lights to being functional only, instead browse those at Lights Online to find statement lights. You can even add lights around the mirror of your vanity unit for that old Hollywood style.  

Easy-To-Change Transformations

Replacing the fixtures may be expensive and time-consuming, so to transform your bathroom quickly and without the hefty price tag, there are a few changes you can make yourself. If you have a tired, dated shower curtain which has seen better days, replace it with a glass screen. Not only will this be easier to clean, but it will instantly open up your space. You could replace the current taps with copper faucets for an on-trend update. Furthermore, you can replace the handles on your current vanity unit and paint the wooden doors (if you have them, of course!) with a fresh coat of paint. Choose bright, light colors to ensure you add the feeling of more space, especially in a small room.

Storage is another easy-to-change transformation which will not only update your bathroom but will also make it a more practical space. Add beautiful wooden floating shelves above your toilet to create a statement wall where you can add potted plants and decorative accents. Why not include a tall tower where you can store essential items such as shampoo and soap in wire baskets, making it an accent piece in your space.

Added Extras

Creating the perfect bathroom goes beyond the fixtures and color. It includes the added extras which add a splash of personality and style, for example, placing the perfect mirror above the sink, and updating or including dispensers. Choose marble-inspired dispensers to achieve the millennial dream bathroom where you can store all your lotions, shampoo, and soap. These instantly change the look of your room, as well as being easy to find and inexpensive to buy.  

If reclining in the tub is your idea of heaven, why not add a caddy to your next soak? A caddy is the ultimate accessory for bathrooms right now because they make a very big impression. Created from a variety of materials, this addition can hold a glass of wine, a book, and even your smartphone or tablet while you’re in the bath, meaning these vital items don’t get wet. To truly create a spa-feel, choose a caddy in stunning reclaimed wood. Not only will this be waterproof, but they add elegance and style to any space.


The thought of transforming and renovating your bathroom may put you off initially. However, with a few simple changes, you can create a space where you can relax, recline, and restore your sense of calmness after a long day.