Travel To Ohio On A Spontaneous Midwestern Getaway

The state of Ohio, a Midwestern gem

Photo provided with permission

Most of us hear “Midwest” and our brains automatically register that as “the area we fly over to get back east”. Rarely is it a sought-after vacation destination, especially during the winter months. However, Ohio has proven itself to be full of surprises and home to the friendliest group of people.

With some of the best restaurants scattered throughout and attractions like the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame, possibilities of a great, adventurous time are endless. Cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati tend to draw in the most amount of attention, but the hidden treasure of the state is Columbus.

About two hours south of Cleveland, through endless stretches of farm land, is Columbus. Ohio’s version of Reno (the littlest big city), Columbus is a city with a population of less than a million. With a bar scene that has the vibe of Cheers, it’s damn near impossible not to sit down for a drink downtown and not feel right at home. So as long as you make it crystal clear that you’re a Buckeyes fan. Amongst a sea of skyscrapers downtown, you’ll see hints of small-town Ohio sprinkled throughout. Local coffee shops and family-run restaurants run rampant throughout the city as a whole, and provide relief from the monotony of trips to large chains like Starbucks. The brisk temperatures in the colder months of the year will keep you moving quickly outside, but the “island life” mentality of the locals will help keep you at ease as you meander through the city and explore.


Like most big cities, Columbus is further divided up into districts and suburbs that are full of unique diversity which provide something new to see at every turn. German Town, an area on the outskirts of the city near Dublin, features one of the best coffee shops around. Stauf’s is the coffee nut’s paradise. With a house blend of coffee roasted on site, Stauf’s offers wholesale and retail coffee products to coffee enthusiasts as well as those just looking for a killer latte. Because Stauf’s uses only the highest quality of coffee beans, milk, and additives, you can count on a consistently delicious cup of joe. Whether you’re swinging by on your way to work first thing in the morning, or there for a few shots of espresso after dinner for a digestíf, you can ensure quality customer service and coffee that’ll leave you buzzing.


For those looking for a great off-the-beaten-path breakfast experience, swing by Katalina’s Café. Tucked away off the main road on a quiet neighborhood street corner, the atmosphere when you step foot inside of Katalina’s can be described as an adult’s version of a kindergarten classroom combined with a hippy sort of vibe that makes it as unique as the menu. Covered floor to ceiling in signatures of patrons written in chalk pen, the small dining area is packed on the weekends as customers shuffle in and out ordering house specialties like the Huevos Rancheros (before you pass judgement on Mexican food in the Midwest, it is a must try) as well as what they are best known for – Pancake Balls. Served with house made, thick cut, sweet & spicy bacon, diners have the option of Nutella, Apple Cinnamon & Spice, or Crème as fillings for their Pancake Balls, which offers a new twist on the old breakfast classic and places Katalina’s near the top of list for best dining experiences in Ohio.


Just a short flight from San Diego, Columbus is a city full of history, culture, and adventure. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and farmer’s markets line the streets as the locals provide a warm and welcoming experience for those visiting. The easy-going nature of the state as a whole is comforting and offers an unrivaled quality of life.