Traveling Through The Bahamas Island To Island

Traveling Through The Bahamas Island To Island.

Traveling To The Bahamas With The Family:


Many families these days are traveling to different countries, but many are traveling to the nearby Islands of the Bahamas. Tons of families that I know are either booking cruises to see these places or are flying right into the Bahamas to explore the fun for themselves. The Bahama Islands are known for hospitable and the beautiful clear turquoise waters. The last night of our 7 day Disney Cruise, through the Bahamas, was at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.


Castaway Cay cannot be reached except by booking a cruise with Disney.  The island has many things to do for all the family. There is a private beach area for the adults, a private beach area for the families, and a beach area for the kids club. I have never seen anything like the blue of the waters in the Bahamas, we spent hours in the ocean just staring at our feet.


The next spot in the Bahamas would be the Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau.  The Atlantis, I hear it is quite the place for families to explore. I hear it has a water slide that is very scary, but a good scary if you ask me, it is so tall that you can see the whole island from the top of the slide. The Atlantis Paradise Island is very much like Disney’s Castaway Cay,    the Atlantis has a place for each age group, the casino for the adults and the beach for the entire family... Included within Atlantis is one of the world’s top aquariums and it quite frankly reminds me of the movie, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Before you leave, make certain you save time to swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Cay. This should be on your bucket list. 


When in Nassau, you must visit the zoo. Visiting a zoo in each part of the world is pretty cool because you never know what animals reside in that specific zoo. Here, in the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center, you will see the marching flamingoes, as they march three times a day. You can also feed the parrots and enjoy an educational experience at this award-winning zoo. 


When I go back to the Bahamas I will be putting my feet back into the clear blue ocean once again.


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Castaway Cay with one of the Disney ships.


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The Leap Of Faith waterslide in the Atlantis.


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The flamingoes parading around.