Traveling to Canada for some Casino fun? Why you should play online slots in Canada

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If we talk about it as a travel destination, Canada is widely recognized for its amazing blend of beautiful cities and natural beauty. However, people visiting the country specifically for entertainment purposes, Canada also offers a good number of off-line and online casino establishments.


All these casino destinations are every bit enjoyable as any of those popular casino destinations in the United States such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas. There are around 100 different casino hotels and resorts in Canada that do everything possible within their means to attract more and more players to their establishments. However, anyone interested in playing real money slots during their next Canada visit should veer slightly away from the norm and try out the new age online slots instead. The online slots of the present day have gotten so versatile and have such rich graphics that they seem like the real land-based casino games! Let’s tell you why you should play slots on the Internet, rather than playing them in a land-based casino.


Plenty of options

A significant advantage of playing slots on the Internet is that you get the choice of playing a good number of different games from different software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play N Go, Playtech, etc. Pick up any good online Canadian casino, and you’d find so many choices of online slots that it could take you days and days to enjoy them all! These games fall in different categories/themes and have different numbers of reels and pay lines.



Another significant reason to play online slot games is the convenience they offer. Any moment you feel like spinning their wheels, you could just log onto the online casino platform and start playing! There is no need to drive down to a brick and mortar casino or make special travel arrangements to enjoy the real casino experience.


Online casinos and online slots are particularly beneficial for the people who don’t have any real casino nearby and are just looking for some quick slot games to kill those few spare moments of the day. What more, you can even play these slot games on your smartphone these days; so your casino travels with you wherever you go!


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Free-to-play slot games

It’s no secret that online gambling has become hugely popular in all parts of the world. One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of online casino games, especially online slots, is the provision of free-to-play games. Such games give players a chance to try them out for free, before playing with any real money. They can get a good understanding of the game during the trial period and then play it more seriously with cash.


Higher payouts

If we go by the statistics, brick and mortar casinos offer around 86% payout on average, while the average payout for online slot games is higher than 97%! Some of the land-based casinos often increase the denominations in some of the slot games, while not offering the same percentage in other slots. This doesn’t usually happen in case of online slots as everything is transparent.