Trending Tresses: Haim Salon Styles Haute Looks for Fall

Haim Salon Stunning Shots

Haim Salon Stunning Shots

Photography by Leo Malevanchik

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Fashions by Hot as Hell and Gary's Studio; hair and makeup by Haim Salon.

As summer fades and fall approaches, fashion shifts gears and opts for darker colors and cooler tones. In beauty, hairstyles skew longer, wavier and often darker. FINE Magazine invited stylist Haim Knister of Haim Salon to create a series of styles for men and women that represent the best of the fall season and explore edgy looks in hair and makeup for the runway.

Haim Knister, a native from Israel, left his country to travel the world. His passion for precise hair styling began at the Sassoon Academy in London, where he studied. Haim has been at the Del Mar Plaza for 25 years and has two other salons in five-star resorts in North County. With more than 40 years of experience in the salon industry, he has dedicated his life to teaching his staff ways to improve their work. Eufora, a natural hair product line, is the only line used in his salons in order to give his customers the best products possible. 

Hair Styles

Bold and Braided

For this particular look, stylist Haim and his team focused on fall color trends, embracing darker palettes in both the hair and makeup. The combination of a chunky braid and ponytail adds texture to an otherwise simple and sophisticated look. A natural face is paired with the eye-catching center: the boysenberry lip. This vampy aesthetic is perfect for a walk down the runway this season.

For men, charcoal is a tried and true hue and can be paired with any look. Dapper and refined, this darker gray is sophisticated. 

Hair styles Haim Salon

Bright 'N Blonde

While hair trends lean toward caramel and cocoa hues, the temperate climate and ever-relaxed vibe of Southern California is optimal for blonde hair to stay bright all year long. Instead of a muted style, this golden platinum color becomes a statement piece. Black, of course, is a staple for fall and winter, but paired with a bright focal point, the look becomes a high-contrast style that evokes energy and enigma. The stark, military-style, button-up blazer has bold red details, which pair well with a candy-apple lip. The rest of the skin and eyebrows are intentionally kept light, letting the long hair and bold lips take center stage.