3 Trendy Ways To Create A Stunning Focal Wall


When summer comes around, it’s always a wonderful time to spruce up a room in your house and make it feel brand-new. There have been many new trends in 2018 that have taken interior design to a new level, like concrete slabs as countertops and hanging sink fixtures instead of pedestals or traditional vanities. But if you aren’t looking to do a major renovation of your house, you can still incorporate trendy ideas that will make any room feel stylish in the form of a stunning focal wall.

Focal walls are the least expensive and easiest way to get creative in your home. By brainstorming a unique idea, you can transform any boring old wall into one that is the centerpiece of your home. There are many stylish ways to turn a wall from drab to fab, including these three chic examples:

Making art out of picture frames

One way to make a standout focal wall is to hang up a range of decorative frames. Your own unique frame arrangement creates an entirely original statement for your home. Buying a variety of differently shaped picture frames and arranging them in a geometric shape or pattern on a wall will make an attention-grabbing statement that will look like its own work of art. You can also get creative and fill the frames with interesting items, like a wall plant, painting, black-and-white family photo, or all of the above! Creating a photo wall out of unique frames can be an interesting addition to any room and showcase your personal taste.

Use color and a fun stencil

Since bold color is on-trend this year, another idea for a focal wall is to choose a vivacious color and a fun stencil and get painting! Depending on your personal style, you can choose a stencil that speaks to the theme of your room. For example, if you have many southwestern or desert accents, you may want to choose a stencil that has a geometric or Aztec design. If you are more of a classic interior designer, you could choose a stencil that consists of simple florals or swirls, which will make your wall look elegant. Stencils are easy-to-use, and by choosing a distinctive paint color, you can really make your focal wall a showpiece of your home.

Installing rustic wood paneling

The third idea for a focal wall is to install wood planking for a rustic feel. Lately, reclaimed wood has been particularly trendy in home design, as it creates a gorgeous weathered style and looks great with textured materials and décor. If you want to add wood panels to a wall, you can buy the materials from a big box store, antique store, or hardware store. You can also buy peel and stick wood panels that will make the process much easier, free from any heavy lifting.

By incorporating picture frames, a fun colorful stencil, or wood paneling to any wall, you can create a unique standout focal wall in your home that will instantly update your interior design.