Tuxedo Dogs: The Cutest Trend in Weddings Today

Why Couples Who Include their Pets in their Big Day are Winning at Weddings

An adorable Australian Shepherd waits patiently for her people

All photo credits to ABM Photography--abmweddingphotos.com

Weddings are a beautifully intimate time for couples to be surrounded by all their loved ones, which is precisely why man’s-best-friend keeps making cameos at ceremonies. The best weddings are those that are shared with everyone closest to you. That’s why your special day shines brighter when couples include their favorite four-legged friends. Indeed, now more than ever, people are choosing to include their precious pups in their memorable day, and why wouldn’t they? Marriage is the joining of two people in love, along with loved-ones who celebrate the special day with them, so it makes perfect sense to include the dog—or any pet for that matter—in the wedding celebration. Spread the love not just to your future partner, but all your friend and family members, furry ones included.

San Diego-based photography company, ABM Photography is one of many companies that’s embracing the tail-wagging trend of including pets in wedding celebration photos. Although all of their photography collections are breathtaking, the photos that include pet-loving couples are certainly some of the most adorable to grace albums. 

Including your pets in your wedding photography is such an easy and fun way to create a unique collection of photos that showcase not only the love you and your partner have for each other, but the love that you have for your animals as well. Whether it’s having your pet in your photography sessions, having them in your wedding, or both, it is a definite way to make your wedding stand out and a great way to include your furry friend in your big day. Brian Kent from ABM Photography says, “It’s tons of fun to photograph pets.” Naturally, he was especially excited to photograph his own wife with their adorable Boston Terrier, Bakon. 

Regardless of the breed, each pet has their own personality, but the one thing that all dogs have in common is that they love their owners. Dogs can certainly be included in their owner’s weddings…they’re family! Plus, it makes the ceremony that much more fun and is a great way to include your furry buddy. Since there are lots of dogs out there who have high-energy and active temperaments, it can sometimes be difficult to get them to ‘stay still’ in a photo shoot. In situations like these, it can be handy to take the dog for a walk before the shoot in an attempt to ‘tire them out’ and help them be less resistant to sitting pretty for a few minutes. Or, if your dog is food-motivated, bring plenty of treats to keep your furry friend distracted and perfectly posed for photos—and let’s be honest, what dog isn’t food-motivated?

At the end of the day, nobody knows your dog better than you do, so be prepared with anything the pup might need to stay focused (or distracted) on your wedding day. Most importantly, albeit a little cliché, don’t forget to have fun. Dogs are incredibly attuned to their owners’ emotions, so if you start to stress out about your pup behaving poorly or anything else, they might be able to ‘sense’ your distress and become slightly affected. So, have fun, be carefree, and love each and every moment you hold with your partner, your friends, your family, and, of course, man’s best friend.