Types of People Who Can Place a Medical Lien on Your Compensation

Many people get injured every day. There are times when you can hold someone responsible for your injury and get compensation for the damage you incurred. These are instances wherein someone owes you a duty of care and fails to observe it, leading to your injury. While you may have a seemingly watertight case, you might not enjoy the considerable financial payout from the settlement you might be visualizing. The common aspect that will mar your financial payout is a lien.

Without personal injury attorneys based in Everett, WA or other locations to help you make the right choices when injured, liens can leave you penniless and sometimes in debt even if you get a considerable settlement. Medical claims attract the highest cost in most personal injury cases since everyone will ordinarily need medical care after an injury.

Here are some of the medical lien holders that can lay a claim to your payout:

Healthcare Providers


Some independent clinics, hospitals, and doctors will agree to give you medical care after your injury on a lien basis. A few insurance companies will also have an approved list of healthcare providers you should work with when injured. When visiting these healthcare providers, they will have you sign a letter of protection. This guarantees that they will get their fee from your settlement.

Health Insurance Providers

Most people think that having an insurance cover will automatically negate a medical lien on their compensation. A healthcare insurer will still have a claim on your settlement so that he/she recoups what has been spent on your treatment after the accident. This is based on the principle that you should not benefit from a double payment for the same injury from your payout and the insurer. Some people opt not to use their insurance for accident-related injuries and pay cash instead. This way, they can negotiate with providers for lower care costs.

Government Agencies and Programs

Most governments will have a medical insurance scheme in place for citizens. They allow people to get medical care at subsidized rates provided you meet various criteria with an indicated premium. Like private health insurers, these agencies will also lay claim to your compensation so that you are not paid twice for the same injury.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

This program will also have a lien on your payout if you sustain an injury at your workplace. While the workers’ compensation benefits will ordinarily cover all the expenses of your medical care, they will place a claim on your compensation if you sue a third party. If, however, you sue your boss for the injuries you sustain, the scheme will place no lien on the payout.

Getting medical attention is essential regardless of the extent of injury you sustained in an accident. Some of the lien holders above will take advantage of this necessity to fleece you with trumped up medical care expenses. You might not think much of this since you will be vulnerable after your accident. With a lawyer by your side, you have a professional to assess the quality of treatment you are getting vis-a-vis the charges to guarantee that your compensation is safe.