Unique Ways To Get An Extra Space For Your Tiny Apartment

images.pexels.com Unique Ways To Get An Extra Space For Your Tiny Apartment

The world is a big place, but most of us live in small apartments. Generally, in all countries and cities, the closer to the city center, the smaller the housing gets. With an increase of micro-apartments, the big question is, where do you put all your stuff?  It's no wonder we are always thinking and trying new ways to squeeze out more space from our small apartments.

If you're reading this, you are probably one such person living in more cramped quarters than you'd like to. There are ways to expand the space within your apartment, and these ways have been tried and proven. The type of furniture to use could also nicely suit your budget.

Before getting into our big ideas for small flats, you have to do your part and sort out any clutter. Sorting out means some things will be staying, but other things you don’t need at all have to go. You can either sell some old things or give them away. When you clear the clutter, especially the viewable clutter, your home is immediately going to have more space. You'll be able to better visualize where the rest of your things will go and how to arrange your furniture items for more space.

Now that the clutter is out of view, time to get working right away.

Collapse: No one wants you to collapse, but we do want you to consider using more collapsible and folding furniture. Chairs, tables, beds, and other items that are foldable are pure lifesavers in small apartments. These items have come a long way in sleek designs and styles, so it's definitely one of the first things to consider.

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Many cities, especially in Asia, the norm is to have a small apartment. You can easily find a bi-fold door in Singapore used in thousands of apartments there because they’re trendy, chic, affordable, and help create space. Using folding doors will create more space in any home because of the ability to fold the doors back instead of having them opening into a room like traditional doors. Even interior designers may recommend to remove your traditional doors and replace them with folding ones since there is a surge in their usage.

Storage: This is definitely the number one problem in any small flat; where to put things. Obviously, some things are going to remain in view. There are those decorative, artistic things or things that give you a special memory. These items tell a story. But items like batteries, pens, stationery supplies, bedroom toiletry, don't tell a story about you. These are the things that need to be hidden. Using closed boxes on open shelves, for example, can remove a lot of those items that no one wants to see in the living room. Using a lot of floating shelves are also going to be very helpful.  Besides boxes on the shelves, many furniture stores will provide you with some smart storage solutions that can also double up as seating, like a bed with storage underneath it. Wicker boxes usually look nice, and many pieces of furniture come with their own wicker boxes. In furniture, almost any piece now will have some hidden storage, whether it's a bed, chair or sofa. Most furniture designers will design at least a few items with storage space in mind.

Unique Ways To Get An Extra Space For Your Tiny Apartment

Walls: Walls are no longer just for pictures or paintings. They are a functioning part of your house where you can hang items, giving you much more space on the ground. Encourage yourself to use more shelves because they are really going to be your secret weapon against clutter and a room looking disorganized and messy. Just a small shelf near your front door entrance ensures you the perfect spot for your keys and your mail, instead of having a messy mail pile up on a table. Hooks will also work great. You can use some that are strong enough to keep your bicycle on instead of crowding an already small area, or small hooks to hang clothes in your bedroom.

Multi-purpose: Multi-purpose furniture is a game changer for small flats. Why have two tables when you can have one that works as both an attractive coffee table by day but can expand and rise and works as a dinner table by night. That's just an example of a typical multi-purpose furniture item. Sofa beds have been around a long time, but many of them are really going to the next level. You can easily put your bed out of sight and into the wall and not see it until you need it. Multi-purpose furniture isn't a new concept at all, but what is new is the sleek designs and their agility to transform themselves from one item to another. They are easier to use now and are not nearly as bulky or complicated as their predecessors.

Bonus storage spaces: Look around your apartment, and you're going to find those blank areas where space isn't being used. For example, that small space between a kitchen counter and a fridge, or between the toilet and the sink, you can reclaim those areas and put something like a small and narrow rack. In the kitchen, you can use these types of racks as a spice rack, or just a small something to place utensils, cleaning products, etc. In the bathroom, no one really wants to see your shampoos and every other hair and bath products. You will find plenty of types and inexpensive storage racks that fit into unused spaces, and you'll be able to gather most of your toiletries in them.

Foldable, collapsible, expandable

The idea is to search for furniture that is either foldable, collapsible, or expandable. In the end, you want items that are functional and convenient as well as matching the overall look of your apartment.  Remember, there's a difference between ways to arrange a home and using items of furniture that give the illusion of space, and actually having space. Mirrors, for example, always give the illusion of more space, but they don't actually add space. So check out some new types of furniture, and take a better look at your house to see where you can have more space.