Utilizing Feng Shui to Boost Your Creativity


A place to come home to at the end of a busy or stressful day is a home that should be filled with warmth, comfort, and happiness; an escape from the terrible world outside. A home that is messy, cluttered, or the style is ill-suited for the homeowner makes that safe haven a place of anxiety, stress, and a siphoner of creativity. Utilizing Feng Shui will improve your quality of life at home but can also improve your outlook altogether because when your home makes you feel good it increases your creative flow and causes a place of comfort and happiness overall.

            As humans we all have energy, whether it is positive or negative. It is a substance that is within us that can be expelled onto objects or other people and we can take in energy from outside sources as well. Energy is another word for chi and it is an extension of the person or the object. When it comes to our home we are surrounded by energy, both positive and negative. We attract what we see, feel, and want. If our house is cluttered, dark, or filled with items that are not thought inducing or happy making, those aspects will reflect an energy that can affect a person negatively. A lot of people do not realize how much their environments impact all areas of their life and this is where Feng Shui comes into help correct that negativity.

            Feng Shui is a Chinese art of enhancing the flow of energy in one’s environment by living in harmony with nature and finding a cohesive way of living with objects. So, how can an individual make their lives a happier place while they boost creativity simply with Feng Shui? Look around your environment, how does it feel? Is it open, with windows, no clutter, and the space and energy just feels right to dwell or work in? If you answered no to any of these, then listen up! Utilizing Feng Shui to boost your creativity and happiness is what you need to succeed in all aspects of your life. Feng Shui is powerful and spends most of its time with The Laws of Attraction.

            We have all heard that what we put out into the world we get back, but not many realize that all that we are and have is because of thoughts, items, places, and people that we surround ourselves with. The place that we call home is an extension of ourselves, if we want to be happier, more creative, or gain wealth, a happy marriage, or just simply be in a place of peace then the home has to be prepared as such. What we want, we have to think about and see. If you want to travel, have pictures or maps of places you want to explore and discover, it will remind you and it will cause a thought process to get you what you want. If you want happiness make sure your home is set up for a happy place; big opened windows, live plants, lack of clutter, and items that bring you joy.

            Those that do not work in a creative line of work does not mean that Fung Shui cannot help you, even changing the way your home is designed by following the “Laws of Attraction” can help you become a creative thinker. There are many positives to becoming a creative thinker that has nothing to do with working or having a hobby in the art fields. A creative thinker can see things from other people’s perspectives, which can help those that work in the fields of negotiations and sales. A creative thinker can also think of unique ways to make money, so it can help with the influx of money coming into your home. There are many positives when one thinks creatively, whether there are new ways to accomplish objectives that have been set before you and it also helps a person overall have a joyous experience in life and live that life to the fullest.

            Knowing all about how boosting creativity with Fung Shui can make a person’s life overall a better experience full of accomplishments and happiness. Now, how to actually implement Fung Shui is the hardest part, but once it is started, it is a relieving experience that once completed, it will change the entire perspective and outlook on that person’s life. Imagine if Spring Cleaning is something that was not only done once a year, but it was done constantly? Sounds tedious, but what if doing this helped achieve goals or objectives that have not been reachable? Sounds wonderful and relieving right? Want happened to that cruise you have been planning for years and never got around to? Take the cat calendar down that tells you to “hang in there” and put up a picture of a cruise ship. The smallest of things can change everything. Remind yourself constantly of your goals and wants. Imagine what reorganizing and changing your entire home space can do for you and your goals?

            Thinking of Fung Shui does not mean that it is the stereotypical Zen-looking space that is serene with a sand garden that needs to be raked, but it is all about the person that dwells in that space. Each room in the home needs to be different for specific goals or objectives. Recommendations are to never put a home office in a bedroom. Imagine thinking about work all day, every day, and having those thoughts in the bedroom, where would that leave you; Exhausted, irritable maybe, stressed, anxious, and not happy? Each room in a home needs to have its own energy and flow for the person to live well and be well. Make a home office on the opposite side from your bedroom. Make each space its own unique energy.

            For help, Fung Shui has a map known as the Bagua Map, for more information on the Bagua Map and how to use it, click here (http://www.learn-about-feng-shui.com/feng-shui-bagua-map.html). It helps because it will act as a guideline on how to make your home more copasetic to your soul and your objectives in life. Everyone will have their own version of what works best for them. To boost creativity with Feng Shui, it is essential for anyone’s happiness and success. Many do not realize how much environment truly impacts their lives; remember use Fung Shui to maximize on your success by getting creative thinking flowing through you. Whether you are a creative person that needs to relax but cannot because of the clutter or you are a business person that needs a space that helps open their mind, Fung Shui and the Bagua Map are your guides to making your place of comfort, your sanctuary of happiness, success, and creativity.