Wear Art, Live Art: Limited Edition Leggings from Artist Dawn Hough Sebaugh

Artistic Leggings made by local artist Dawn Hough Sebaugh






















Local artist Dawn Hough Sebaugh has a history of creating wild and expressive paintings meant to adorn a large living room wall. In recent years, she has added hand-painted ornaments and vases to her artistic talents, and now she can add one more design-notch to her belt: Sebaugh’s paintings are being printed onto limited edition leggings. With her new collection Wear Art, Live Art, Sebaugh makes her distinct style available to wear.

Though the primary focus of these leggings is their aesthetic appeal, Sebaugh has made sure the clothing is comfortable and utilitarian by design. “The leggings are a six-panel cut and sew construction with quality in the fit and versatility,” she explains. “The designs have an adjustable waistline so you can wear them high, low, or somewhere in between. We use a quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material, and the leggings wick moisture and remain breathable. They’re perfect for running or runways—or running away!”

The leggings come in sizes ranging from small to extra large, but there isn’t an endless supply. In fact, Sebaugh intentionally designed her leggings to be produced in small quantities. “I don’t want to see somebody else wearing what I have,” says Sebaugh. “With these leggings, they’re a limited edition print. I’m only making ten of each painting. As soon as that ten is up, you can’t buy the leggings anymore.”

What started as a leggings project has now morphed to include home decor and other fashion items, including tote bags, T-shirts and rugs. Sebaugh has even added single and double panel curtains to her repertoire, along with individually cut and hand-sewn throw pillows—and this is just the beginning. Sebaugh has plans to expand her Wear Art, Live Art collection to include mugs, wall clocks, duvet covers, beach towels and more. All will be limited edition designs of her unique paintings.

Born in Moorseville, North Carolina, artist Dawn Sebaugh is the owner and founder of Mara Dawn Studios. Sebaugh’s paintings are eclectic and her designs unparalleled; when asked what inspires her work, Sebaugh proclaims, “I believe it’s all inside... I start with a blank canvas and thoughts of color, and it just happens.”

Her deep creativity and passion for design has led Sebaugh to turn her paintings into unique fashion and home statements so every day people can show their love for the arts—and that’s how the company got its name. “It’s called Wear Art, Live Art because I want to make sure [consumers] know they can wear my art, and they can live in it—no matter what they want to do with their time.”

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