Weekend Trip Guide: San Diego to Hollywood

AM Track To Hollywood

Living in San Diego is like being on vacation every day. There are some truly amazing weekend activities in San Diego, but every now and then it’s nice to have a change of scenery.

There are dozens of spectacular destinations just a short drive away. You can snowboard at Big Bear, comb the beaches of Baja or relax at a B&B overlooking a vineyard in Temecula.

West Hollywood is another hot spot for locals that want to live it up for a few days. WeHo has been revitalized in recent years and is now one of the hippest places in L.A. If you haven’t taken a weekend vacay to West Hollywood it’s time to plan a trip.

Line Up a Hotel Before You Leave

It’s highly advisable to book West Hollywood hotels at least a few days before the weekend. Like Palm Springs, WeHo is a weekend destination for thousands of SoCal locals. Not mention the millions of people from around the world that visit every year.

The selection of hotels is impressive, to say the least. You’ll find glitzy resort-style hotels, quaint boutique hotels and budget-friendly options like Best Western. You can even stay at a local landmark like The Charlie Hotel.

Make sure to ask about the check-in time so you can make travel arrangements. Check-in for most hotels is around 3 pm.

Time the Travel Right

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending part of your vacation stuck in gridlock. It may only be 126 miles from San Diego and Hollywood, but there’s a good chance the drive will take more than two hours.

I-5 is notorious for traffic, and the Los Angeles metro isn’t any better. If you plan to drive during the day give yourself at least 3-4 hours. But there are two ways to cut down on the travel time and aggravation.

Leave Around 10 a.m.

Traffic in L.A. is unavoidable unless it’s the dead of night. The goal is to time the drive so you miss traffic leaving San Diego and going through Orange County. Leaving at 10 a.m. is the best time to drive the I-5 without hitting rush hour traffic in either spot.

Take the Pacific Surfliner

Prefer to avoid driving altogether? Travel in old-school style with Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner. The train travels between San Diego (Santa Fe Depot) and Los Angeles multiple times a day. Instead of battling traffic you can grab a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Figure Out the Food Situation

Fabulous food is one of the main attractions in West Hollywood. No matter where you stay there are sure to be at least a handful of restaurants within walking distance.

If you want to indulge at one of the most popular eateries, like Verlaine or Rosaline, make reservations in advance. Traveling in a group? Parties of five or more should make a reservation at least a week before your trip.

Forgot to make a reservation? Your best bet is to eat early around 6 p.m. Because of the active nightlife around WeHo, people tend to eat later. Your next best option would be hitting a happy hour where there’s open seating.

By making a few arrangements in advance, your weekend trip to West Hollywood will be a stress-free break that makes you forget how great San Diego is on your days off.