Wellness In The Workplace: How To Stay Happy & Healthy On The Job


One way to invest in your health is to find ways to stay happy and healthy while at work. Your career is a big part of your life and how it’s going on a daily basis has an impact on your wellbeing.

Even if you’re not working your dream job, know there are ways to practice wellness in the workplace and not succumb to stress. Start by setting boundaries and creating better balance in your life if you want to remain in control and keep a smile on your face. Stay focused on what you can do to change your habits and improve your health while on the job, instead of wasting time and energy on what’s out of your hands.

Get Involved & Find your Purpose

Remember you have a lot to offer and your employer wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t see the potential in you. Work hard, get involved and find your purpose at work so you’re challenged and using your talents daily. For example, offer to step up and be in charge or organizing your next trade show event. Come to the planning meetings with a list of conversation starters such as why it’s a good idea to offer Concept Plus cadeaux promotionnels at your booth. You’ll feel proud of yourself, and your confidence will soar when you’re being a team player and trying your best to make this marketing opportunity for your company a hit.

Eat Healthy

It’s easy to make excuses for why you can’t eat healthy at work and get lazy about what you’re consuming. However, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a healthy diet at the workplace if you’re proactive and prepare ahead of time. For example, bring your lunch to work to avoid eating out a lot and pack healthy snacks so you’re not tempted to munch on the junk food in the break room. Stay happy and healthy on the job by fueling your body with the nutritious foods it needs to function well throughout the day. Also, try your best to eat lunch away from your desk and chew slowly so you notice when you’re full.

Take Breaks often

Being well in the workplace also means you’re not overdoing it and glued to your computer around the clock. Stay happy and healthy on the job and get more done when you take breaks regularly. Get up to fill your water, use the restroom or stretch your legs and walk around. Your brain and body need a rest from all the hard work you’ve been putting in and you’ll do a better job when you take a few minutes here and there to rejuvenate and refresh. Don’t worry about what other people are or aren’t doing. Focus on you and what you need to do to improve your wellbeing and perform to the best of your ability.

Build A Good Relationship with your Boss

Your boss is a major player in this equation, and it’s important you two get along if you’re going to stay happy and healthy in the workplace. Even if you two don’t always agree on matters, it’s smart to at least try to build a good relationship with your superior. You’re going to be working with them a lot and they’ll be evaluating your performance and attitude, so make sure you’re giving it your all daily. Put differences aside and try to connect on what you have in common with each other. Don’t be afraid to sit down one-on-one with this person and talk through what’s on your mind if a situation is bothering you.

Prioritize your Tasks

Trying to do it all will leave you feeling drained and you’ll soon want nothing more than to quit your job. Avoid this circumstance by making lists and prioritizing your tasks daily so you get done what’s most important first. This way you won’t always need to stay late at the office and feel overwhelmed by the fact that you can’t get all your assignments done in one sitting. If you’re unsure of what’s deemed most important on your to-do list then have a meeting with your boss and discuss what’s on your plate before you start tackling your tasks. It’s a good idea to review your day each morning and make sure you’re organized and doing what’s most important before diving into your work.  

Brush up on your Time Management Skills

Being late to work and meetings will leave you feeling uneasy and stressed out. Do whatever it takes to get better at being on time, even if it means having to show up early to the office and your appointments. Keep a watch and alarm near you if necessary to alert you when you should be switching tasks or need to be someplace important. You’re an adult and are expected to be on time when you’re on your employer’s clock. You’ll be a lot calmer and more relaxed when you’re not rushing around and always having to explain to someone why you’re late.

Speak up

If you have an issue on your mind that’s bothering you then speak up and get it resolved before it snowballs into a larger problem. You can’t bottle up your feelings and emotions and expect to be happy and healthy at work. Share what’s on your mind in an appropriate manner and go directly to the source to address what’s on your mind and clear the air. You won’t regret getting what’s been irritating you off your chest in a professional manner and sticking up for yourself when you’re feeling as though you’ve been wronged or have a good idea to convey.


The office doesn’t have to be a place that contributes to you practicing poor health habits. All you need to do is focus on what you can do to be well in the workplace and stay happy and healthy on the job. Take care of you first and the rest will fall into place nicely.