What Binge Drinking Is and What It Does To Your Body

Drinking night with a bunch of your closest friends is fun, no doubt. You chug one bottle of beer after another as you enjoy the easygoing conversations and the laughter that follows. As a result, it is fairly easy to forget that you are walking a fine line between drinking for fun and binge drinking. You might think there is no difference between the two since they both give you a pretty nasty hangover; this might be the case if you only got drunk after consuming alcohol, but it is not with binge drinking. With binge drinking, a hangover is the least of your worries. There are a lot of people who remain unfamiliar with the dangers of binge drinking to this day, which puts them at risk of falling victim to it.  


What is binge drinking?

The definition of binge drinking differs from a person to another since all bodies measure differently. There are few people who tried to have a universal guideline; for instance, some define binge drinking as consuming five or more drinks within the span of two hours, others claim that binge drinking is when an individual consumes five drinks per day. These guidelines might keep you on the safe side; however, they still remain inaccurate. According the people at American Addiction Centers, ‘Because of the potential issues with judgment that occur with moderate to heavy alcohol use, any instance of binge drinking can be problematic,’ meaning that defining your Drinking problem really comes down to you as an individual and how much you can handle physically and mentally as well. An easy way to define binge drinking for you personally is to measure the alcohol in your blood, if it reaches 0.08 then you have binged on alcohol.    

Effects of Binge Drinking on Your Body


Binge drinking can have a short-term effect on your lungs; heavy drinking can lead to interfering with your gag reflex. This intrusion might allow saliva, vomit, or other substance that you are consuming to enter your lungs, which will lead to a lung infection or inflammation.


Another organ that binge drinking affects is your pancreas, binge drinking might lead to severely low levels of low blood sugar, which can heavily disturb your pancreas.


Because alcohol is known to be a diuretic substance, it will lead your kidneys to produce more urine during your drinking binge, which is very unhealthy. Unhealthy urine production might lead to high levels of dehydration and dangerously lower the levels of potassium, sodium, and other minerals that are extremely important for your body to function properly.

Reproductive System

Consuming unadvised levels of alcohol can also mess with your fertility and your reproductive system. Binge drinking can also affect your judgment and might lead you to have unprotected sex, which is alone dangerous in many ways. In the long term, binge drinking can dangerously affect a male sex drive.


Binge drinking has both short and long-term effects on the brain. Anyone who has experienced drinking at least once is probably familiar with the short-term effects. Short-term effects include hazy vision, difficulty walking, blacking out, and slurred speech. These short-term effects might be dangerous at times, but not as much as long-term effects. Long-term effects include unwanted damages to your memory. Memory problems are very common among individuals who consume alcohol regularly and they will continue to worsen the longer they drink alcohol.

Dangers of Binge Drinking

Alcohol Poisoning

One of the most dangerous outcomes of binge drinking is alcohol poisoning this happens when one consumes more alcohol than their liver and kidneys can deal with and as a result, the body shuts down. Unfortunately, alcohol poisoning is common among those with a drinking problem and even though alcohol poisoning is treatable, one of those times it might not be so easy to deal with. If not immediately dealt with alcohol poisoning can lead to seizures, choking, passing out, coma, and death. The symptoms of alcohol poisoning include low body temperature, slow breathing, vomiting, confusion, and pale skin.


Feeling dizzy and low on energy might be temporary after a drinking night, but they can be accompanying you for a very long time if you are not careful with your drinking. If binge drinking has become a habit of yours then you might get anemia as a result and feeling lazy and dizzy will be the norm for you.

Unhealthy Skin

Alcohol is known to dehydrate the body and the skin, so after a binge drinking night, your skin will look unhealthy and dehydrated. Clear lines will show on your face, your face will look puffy and bloated, and finally, you might get breakouts because of the amounts of sugar you consumed within the alcoholic drinks you drank.


Weight Gain

Unfortunately, regular binge drinking might lead to weight gain. Your liver is responsible to separate the toxins that accompany the alcohol you just consumed, and as a result of it separating the toxins, alcohol disallows from burning fat. Another factor that might lead to weight gain is that alcohol might make you feel hungry, which can lead you to eat unhealthy snacks or meals in an unadvised time.

Increase Risk of Cancer

Researchers have found that individuals who have regularly engaged in binge drinking are more prone to getting cancer than those who don’t binge drink. Long-term use can lead to cancer of the throat, esophagus, liver, colon, rectum, mouth, and breast cancer.

Deterioration of Mental Health

Mental health issues are often linked with binge drinking and alcoholism in general. There are a lot of people who seek alcohol as a temporary remedy for their own problems, or so they can at least forget what is troubling them for some time, which is sadly ironic because researchers have found that alcohol leads to depression.



We all enjoy a drinking night with our buddies on the weekends or as a form of celebration, and while there is nothing harmful in doing so, drinking night can turn from a harmless night to a very dangerous night for your body. It is easy for anyone to slip into binge drinking without noticing, and unfortunately, the effects of binge drinking are very harmful to your body in the short and the long-term. Make sure not to exceed five drinks within two hours and if you feel any dangerous effects on your body, stop drinking immediately and go to the emergency room.