Why Gift Giving Will Win You a Lot of Friends

The gesture of gift giving is something that happens throughout the year. Since there are so many personal and public events celebrated often, the occasions are ideally marked as perfect gift giving opportunities. You actually put a lot of thought into the whole affair, which makes it an art. Below we seek to explore some of the ways, giving wins you more friends.


Why Gift Giving Will Win You a Lot of Friends

An expression of appreciation and gratitude

When you choose gifts for someone, it is often an expression of friendship, love, gratitude, or appreciation to the recipient. This applies whether you decide to gift someone a cheap wallet or an expensive car. Some gifts are meant to acknowledge business or personal relationships while others mark special celebratory occasions. Whatever your reason, you genuinely give from your heart, which makes it a meaningful gesture considering you created or purchased the item.


Cultivating the gift of gratitude in your everyday life is a critical component to boosting your personal happiness. The moment you express your gratitude in the form of actions or words, you essentially boost your positivity and other people’s too. In the process, you strengthen your connections to one another while reinforcing their kindness. Note that gratitude is key to health, happiness, and the development of close social bonds.

Giving promotes social connection and cooperation

When you give other people gifts, there is a good chance that you’ll get gifts as well. Remember, when you give, the generosity goes a long way and is eventually rewarded – sometimes by the individual you gave a gift, or sometimes by somebody else.


These healthy exchanges encourage a sense of cooperation and trust that helps to strengthen your ties to others. Research also shows that developing and having positive social connections and interactions are fundamental to good physical and mental health. What’s more, giving other people gifts not only makes them feel a closer connection to us, but we also develop a closer connection to them.

Giving gifts is a contagious act

When we give gifts to others, we don’t just help the immediate recipients. Instead, we spur some kind of ripple effect throughout the community where virtually everyone practices generosity. When an individual behaves in a generous manner, it is bound to inspire observers to emulate the act of generosity later toward other people.



Giving is also linked to Oxytocin release – a hormone that causes feelings of euphoria, warmth, and connection to other people. A dose of the hormone oxytocin causes people to be generous givers. Furthermore, it promotes the feelings of empathy toward other people.

Do not ban gift exchange

While it is a reasonable move to reduce spending in the holiday season, banning gift exchange with your loved ones isn’t a good idea. People who do not exchange or accept gifts in holiday periods miss out on important connections with family or friends.


The individuals who stop gifting to family and friends tend to lose out a great deal on the important social cues. Whoever makes it to the list of those you intend to gift clearly tells you who the important people in your life are. With this, you can tell who you value more or less. Remember, you do your friends a great disservice by choosing not to let them experience the gift of giving considering there are many thoughtful ways of doing it. No matter who appears at the top of your list, you can be sure that you will always find something for him or her. When you need to shop for the right men's gifts, notonthehighstreet offer some great gifts for men and if it’s your mum’s turn to receive, it is rather easy to find something that will delight and surprise your loved ones.

Gifts given with no expectations of getting one in return

Some gifts are given with no expectations of getting any in return. If a loved one or friend loses someone close or is suffering emotionally, a gift showing you care would be appropriate. Remember, your friend will always remember your thoughtfulness act. If you’re both in pursuit of common goals, then a symbolic gift in appreciation of the journey will be more appropriate.

Select something special for the recipient

You would naturally know the person you want to gift and make an effort to choose something special that will surprise the recipient. While you can easily shop around for the cheap sales offers, do not pick just anything you come across. Add a wow factor by surprising your recipient, as this makes the gift truly special.


For the new friends, giving gifts can present a challenge considering they are still feeling out their boundaries. Some friends feel a little awkward receiving gifts that are too expensive. It is important that you gift based on the interests of your friends. However, if you just became new friends and you’re unsure about what to get, then you should ideally aim for the more generalized gifts.


Each person who receives a gift will be compelled to repay the gesture in a more or less equal way. To give way too little could give off the impression that you undervalue your relationship and giving too much may cause embarrassment. When you decide to gift someone an extremely expensive gift, an unusual imbalance is created. And over time, complications are likely to arise in that relationship.


Why Gift Giving Will Win You a Lot of Friends


When you constantly practice the art of giving in the form of gifts, you end up satisfied as much as the person receiving it. By gifting friends, you develop long lasting bonds that you will always treasure. Remember, giving to others helps to reinforce your feelings for your loved ones while making you feel caring and effective. Therefore, whether you donate money for charitable causes, give gifts, or volunteer your time, you're giving goes a long way toward winning you more friends. The art of giving helps you develop stronger social bonds and you could even jumpstart a long-lasting generosity cascade in your community. Do not be surprised, you might just end up benefiting in the process by getting a large dose of satisfaction and happiness.