Why Low Carb Diets are Hard to Maintain


It goes without saying that any time you make a radical change in your lifestyle, it is going to be hard to maintain. Now then, imagine just how difficult it will be to alter your eating habits to such an extent that you are looking forward with dread to the rest of your life avoiding foods you have always loved and learning how to compensate for the lack of such things as energy or keto-friendly restaurants.

That’s the bad news, but the good news is that there's a bit of a learning curve and once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you can actually enjoy your new way of life. Yes, that’s exactly what keto is – a new way of life – but once you make the adjustments you’ll be happy with the benefits you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, let’s look at a few of the reasons why they are so hard to maintain.

Denying Yourself Those Comfort Foods FOREVER

Initially, it is going to be a real problem denying yourself those comfort foods you have turned to at the end of a trying day or when you are simply in need of a quick “pick me up.” That wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have the rest of your life to look forward to without that big slab of chocolate cake or those granola bars when you’ve overslept and need a quick bite of breakfast before heading to work.

Those have always been your comfort foods along with ice cream topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a maraschino cherry. It feels almost like blaspheme even mentioning those previously enjoyed comfort foods, but you really can learn to live with it and enjoy your new dietary habits.

Relearning Effective Ways to Maintain Energy Levels

Speaking of all those high carb foods you’ve always treated yourself to, what are you going to do now that you must limit yourself to only 5% of your caloric intake to carbs? Traditionally, you were taught to eat an energy bar or drink a sports amino shake for energy before hitting the gym or going on that daily morning jog. Now you are not allowed those treats because even one would put you well over your daily allotment.

Here is where you can look at a number of keto-friendly supplements that are formulated to help the body produce the levels of energy you need. Whether you lack energy because you are getting insufficient sleep or are simply losing electrolytes quicker than you can replace them, there is a healthy solution you’ll discover as part of that learning curve mentioned above.

Eating Out with Non-Keto Friends and Family

One of the other obstacles to maintaining a keto low carb diet over a long period of time is because it puts a dampener on dining out with family and friends. While you have no problem sticking to your low carb diet at home where you have all the ingredients on hand to prepare a keto meal, it’s difficult to find a restaurant that caters to the keto crowd.

With all that said, just remember that keto is about more than weight loss. There are proponents of the keto lifestyle that have found research indicating that staying in ketosis can ward off a number of illnesses and that it is easier to stay focused and upbeat with a high fat, low carb diet. Just look at it like you would when learning to overcome any addiction, and believe it or not, food is a real addiction! That’s the real obstacle to overcome but it’s doable - just give it time.