Why Your Wax Liquidizer and Terpenes are not Working


Wax liquidizers and terpenes are the best solutions used to increase flavor, thin them, produce non-chocking vapor, and thicken your vape juice. The benefits they bring to your THC vape juice or pre-filled cartridge are more than when you decide not to use both solutions.

Every vaper has their preference. Regardless of how much robust these two solutions can be, some do not meet the user's standards.

What causes all these problems? Is it something one can fix? The answer is yes. Nonetheless, the answer you expect is not standard. Meaning, there are many reasons as to why these two solutions did not work as expected. 

If you have been in this situation, here is an article that purely focuses on helping that individual that wants to know why these issues occurred. Besides that, today, you will learn how you can fix these issues and avoid them at the very least.

The problem could be in the THC vape juice

THC concentrates come in two forms, wax or distillates. Both do work perfectly. The only difference is wax are in solidified modes and distillates come in form of a concentrated liquid.

Choosing between the two should not be a problem. You can use any. What you need to consider, however, is how much THC percentage is within the solution. If its rate is low, then the "high" feeling you will experience will not be enough.


For those that prefer pre-filled cartridges, you should be careful with two things. Your retailer should be trustworthy. Secondly, if you are to add any wax liquidizer or terpene, you should know what amount is enough to add without decreasing THC potency.

What we are trying to say is, maybe the problem was not in the wax liquidizer or terpenes you used. Perhaps, the way you prepared the juice was not as recommended; alternatively, the problem could be with the type of pre-filled cartridge you bought.

Wrong mixing ratios could destroy the THC oil

High-quality wax liquidizers and terpenes have high potency. If you add them in the incorrect amounts, then you could ruin the final blend.

Mostly, manufacturers provide a mixing calculator in both cases. You should follow these charts to the latter. Otherwise, the overall mixture could be destroyed. 

Note, liquidizers and terpenes should not change the color of the e-liquid. Many vapers complain that they noticed a color change in the blend. The right solution will not change the e-liquid's color. Their primary purpose is to bring balance in terms of taste and texture.

Appropriate mixing also affects your vape pen. If the e-liquid is too thin, your vape pen could strain in providing enough energy needed to vaporize it. Therefore, if you notice that your battery is taking more time to burn than required, the best option is to add a diluent. It will thin it, and your battery will be able to heat it without consuming much of its charge.

Always read the manual before you use any of these solutions. Secondly, buy from the right retailers.

Sharpen your preparation skills

If you buy pre-filled cartridges, this point may not be helpful to you. On the other hand, people also use terpenes and liquidizers to thin or thicken these THC vape juices. In that case, be careful how much you add.

For people who love to prepare their vape juice, we can agree that that skill does not come easy. You learn to overcome various challenges with time. Other than adding wrong ratios, one mistake that most people do is overheating the first mix.

Whether you use a stovetop or a microwave, you should heat the wax for a maximum of 10 seconds. Extra heat could destroy the THC potency. Hence a lower "high" experience.

Store both wax liquidizers and terpenes appropriately

Most cannabis extracts flourish under two conditions: a cool and dark environment. Sunlight, oxygen, and moisture can decrease their potency. 

Both wax liquidizer and terpenes do not expire. They can go for two years without expiration. However, you should check the shelf life of both solutions when buying. Some could be exposed to an environment that destroys its ability to function correctly.

One sign that the thickener or diluent is expired is if you notice small solid elements after preparing vape juice. 

If you prefer to store prepared THC vape juice, ensure that you store them in the right containers. Silicone storage bottles are better off since they do not allow oxygen or moisture to get into the mixture. Additionally, they should have a dark color to prevent light rays from penetrating through the blend.

In summary:

Your wax liquidizer and terpenes could be malfunctioning because you were not keen on the above points. If you have all these factors in check, and still it does not work, then you have to think about the wax liquidizer or terpene you bought. That is the reason experts recommend that you purchase these thickeners and diluents from retailers you can trust.