Why are Anonymous Casinos the Way to Go?

Anonymous casinos are providing players with the option of opening accounts and not revealing personal data. This is a growing trend and gaining popularity every day. So, what is the ‘catch’ with anonymous casinos and are they here to stay?

A very short intro to online anonymous casinos

Anonymous casinos are so-called because they allow the player to remain largely anonymous even while registering a new account or playing with real cash. At a regular online casino, you end up providing a lot of personal information as part of the sign-up process and KYC checks.


KYC has caused big problems for operators for these reasons


At anonymous casinos, there is no need to provide any personal data. You only need to provide a discreet email ID at some casinos. Others don’t even ask for that and have removed the sign-up process altogether. 


Instead, they have auto-registration, where the website creates a unique temporary username and password when you visit the casino. The system works like a burner phone – you can use it for a while and then forget about it. 


Anonymous casinos are a relatively new phenomenon slowly spreading their presence in the online gambling scene. They typically use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which are outside the traditional financial system, for additional privacy and security. 

Why the current online casino system needs to change

There is a very sensible saying that goes: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But unfortunately, despite its many advantages, the online casino gaming system that we have it now is not 100% secure. In fact, it is not the casino’s fault – the internet is not secure, with many hackers, spyware, viruses, and other threats floating around. 


Any time you provide data to third-party sites online, your exposure to data theft increases. For example, take a regular sign up procedure at an online casino. You end up providing the following bits of information, at the very least:


  • Your full name, age, gender

  • Full contact details including address, phone number email

  • Credit card information

  • Government IDs


That may not sound like much, but in the hands of seasoned criminals, they can do quite a lot of damage. Identity theft is all too real and can make your life a living nightmare. 


To reiterate, this is not to say that all online casinos leave your sensitive personal information simply lying around on their servers, waiting for enterprising criminals to steal it. Most online casinos use excellent 128 or 256-bit SSL encryptions to keep all data tight and secure. 


But criminals have been known to break or side skirt those encryptions. Besides, you can never rule out insiders going rogue. Or it may even be a momentary bout of carelessness that brings down those firewalls and security protocols – you can never be certain. 

There is more to privacy besides avoiding criminals

Online privacy is not just about securing your data from hackers. Sometimes you want to keep the prying eyes of even lawful institutions away from your online activities. Employers, banks, credit rating agencies, your family members - all these belong to this category. 


Why, because there is still considerable stigma associated with gambling. It can mess up a job prospect, a loan application, or a perfectly healthy relationship - that’s why. If you are using your credit cards for online casinos, do yourself a favor and stop immediately. 


And all that is if you reside in a locality with legal online gambling. If you live somewhere that has laws against online gambling, you could end up in a lot of trouble if caught. Usually, these laws are lenient towards players and take a sterner stance towards the casinos and businesses that provide the services. 


But you never know – overzealous lawmakers can bring in new rules that crack down on players as well, forfeiting their winnings or worse. It has been done in parts of the world already. In such situations, anonymous casinos are consistently better than regular online casinos. 

Anonymous Casinos are getting better with each passing year

No system is perfect, and anonymous casinos too have their weaknesses. Governments hate privacy - this is something we all know in the age of Snowden and NSA files. They take a dim view of anything that promotes online privacy and anonymity. 


So that means that licensing is a bit of a problem if you are seeking a true-anonymous online casino. Don’t bother, because most licensing authorities do not provide approval for a casino that cannot spill the beans on all players who visit them. 


This naturally brings us to the issue of reliability and accountability. Existing systems like dispute resolution, complaints, etc are simply absent. This is where the value of the internet and the online community of anonymous casino gamers enter the picture. 


Most such casinos have a vibrant online community, often with built-in chat boards. You can check out the reviews and reports of others like you to figure out if a casino is legit or a scam. Sites like NoDeposit365 offer excellent reviews of anonymous casinos that can be relied upon. 


As a basic rule of thumb, be cautious when trying out a brand new anonymous casino. It takes time to build a good reputation online. Look for casinos that have been around for a few years. They usually tend to have reliable and trustworthy business models. 

Should You Play At An Anonymous Casino?

These are just the main advantages of anonymous casinos. There are a host of minor and not so minor plus points associated with these casinos, including:


  • Fastest payout times

  • Little to no fees for transactions

  • No time wasting on registration

  • Provably fair games


The games list is not comparable to the collections at regular casinos but it is improving drastically with time. Pretty soon, anonymous casinos might replace other casino varieties as the most popular online gambling venues. They certainly have the chops for it.