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Movie with Heartwarming and Raw Real Life Story – “Wonder”


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Have you ever had a friend or relative who looked “different” or who by some worldly standards wasn’t normal or “just like everyone else” (as if that is the ultimate good)? If you have, then you know that person is a true inspiration filled with blessings others necessarily don’t have due to them being “just normal”. It is that incomparable strength they possess, the amazing growth, or their powerful ability to move and motivate others around them, just to name a few. The movie “Wonder” is a powerful, inspirational, touching reminder of how an adversity or a deformation can truly bring another aspect of wonder and happiness – it can truly build character and get a person to shine among others.

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It’s an honest story of a ten-year-old boy born with a facial deformity and his “calendar” of good days and bad days life is bringing and which affect him, his family and others around him. Auggie played well by the Jacob Tremblay, underwent 27 facial surgeries due to his deformities at birth. Then comes the first time for Auggie to start the 5th grade in a regular public school where the students haven’t seen a lot of kids that look like him. With Auggie being homeschooled up until then, the challenges arise with not just being a “new kid” in school, but having a face with surgery scars that as one beautiful line in the movie states is “the map that shows where we’ve been” while the heart is a map of where we’re going. His good and bad days, his every moves and emotion affect his mom (Julia Roberts) and dad (Owen Wilson) the most, as he has been the center of their world since his birth when they discovered his condition.

The plot is developing gradually around Auggie’s ups and downs, mean kids vs. nice kids, nice kids turned to mean then back to nice, being mad at the world and hating school to enjoying every minute of it. Stephen Chbosky, who created and brought the hit of 2017 “The Beauty and the Beast”, is the man behind the writing and directing of “Wonder”. Chbosky coordinates the story through different perspectives of four characters – Auggie’s, his older sister Via, on and off-again bestie Jack, and Via’ a friend Miranda who in a strange way wanted the life and family that Via has. Although the story of those other characters is only briefly touched and it’s mainly there to reveal their relationship with Auggie, it was a good directing move that brought some surprises and connected the plot at the same time.

J. Roberts as Auggie’s mom plays a role that suits her incredibly- warm, funny, caring, and that type of mom who would turn her world upside down for her kids. Paired with Wilson as the dad, they give an impression of a well-balanced couple, very grounded, and as parents, they have this glow they project on their children.

Chbosky chose to use winning heartwarming points by sending good messages throughout the movie with this one that stands out the most – always choose to be kind and accept others for their differences. The movie touches the growing problem of bullying and how scary it can get among young children, how hard and challenging life gets when change comes along, and it portrays the growth of everyone involved in that change.

“Wonder” is a perfect family movie that will warm your heart inside and out. Auggie’s character easily gets under your skin and all you have to do is let him. If you have kids, this is a movie that you would want them to see, no matter how old they are, and let them take in all the messages this movie has to offer. With all the “wonderlands” Hollywood is teasing with, “Wonder” is a little window to a raw and sometimes tough, sometimes heartwarming reality. Image result for wonder movie



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