You're Done Moving... Now What? How to Setup after a Completed Move


You'll find countless articles sharing tips and tricks about preparing for a move. And, almost as many talking about how to make the ride and logistics easier and stress-free. 

But where are all the articles talking about what you need to be doing once you've got there?

This article covers this later topic.

6 Immediate Things To Do After Finishing the Big Move

You're fresh into the house, and it's looking a little bare. There's so much potential because everything is open including your schedule! These next few days will whiz by with everything you'll need to do when settling in. 

Here are some immediate things you should take care of:

1. Verify (or Hookup) the Home Essentials

Coordinating items like utilities, trash, and cable are troublesome when you're not 100% sure of the move's timing. If you had set it off, now's the best time to get it started (asap). These may or may not come with a deposit depending on your credit and/or history with a company if they're available in the area.

Expect at least a day or two before these are powered up and running. In the meantime, you could...

2. Explore the Immediate Area

Get a lay-of-the-land by taking a stroll around your block a couple times taking note of easily-remembered sights and scenes. Do the same with exploring the area starting with a small radius from your home and radiating outward. 

In a few days, you'll have a good idea of:

  • Interesting spots to visit or add to your to-do list

  • Locations of schools, grocery stores, and preferred retailers

  • Places best to avoid or at least quickly get through

This also helps you settle-in with your decision about moving. You'll start building a connection to the location and its people vs holing up waiting for something to happen.

3. Stock the Pantry

Get on over to the grocery store and stock up on the pantry essentials:

  • Canned vegetables and soups

  • Pasta, rice, and other dry carbs

  • Spices, sauces, and mixes

  • Snacks and baking goods

Now's also a time to explore ethnic markets in the area. There may be new foods and tastes awaiting you! 

4. Setup Alarms and Security

A quick call to the local police department or an online search will give you a good idea of the local crime statistics and occurrences. It's never a bad idea setting up new locks and security systems when moving in even if the new location is tame and easy-going.

Alarm Relay suggests one (or all) of the following:

  • A home monitoring system

  • Connected security apps

  • Smart home features

These three provide peace of mind from potential burglaries and monitor the home for irregularities you may have missed during inspections and the initial walkthrough.

5. Meet the Neighbors

Don't shy away... go meet your neighbors!

It's good to get introduced to your neighbors early on so you won't have those awkward moments passing one another feeling too stressed to say hello. This is a good time to get insights about the neighborhood and surrounding areas, too. Or, set up welcoming events or parties to start making new acquaintances right after the move.

What else could you bring up the neighbors?

  • Carpooling potential

  • Tips about great places to see and eat

  • What and who to watch out for

  • Swaps and general handiness

They may be willing to help out with a bit of the unpacking if they're especially friendly!

6. Declutter (Again)

Part of the move was following along moving tips and checklist usually detailing a "decluttering" phase. This is good to repeat after you've moved because there are almost always things that came along you no longer want/need.

Do like you did before but in reverse:

  • Declutter items as they come out of the box

  • Donate them to local charities

  • Ask yourself, "do I really need this?"

This will get the home looking just the way you want it with extra room to spare!


There's a lot going on after you begin settling in causing almost as much stress as the move! Make a checklist of these items to make things a little easier. Soon, it'll be easy sailing and stress-free living.