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SD Pride Parade 2017

Enjoy some of FINE Magazine's best photos from the parade, and be sure to give your LGBTQ friends and family a shout-out below.

"Wish Upon" Film Review

Sometimes, you get that rare film that throws a curveball. That is exactly what Wish Upon, now playing in theaters, does.

Tips on Decorating Your Spare Bedroom

If you want to transform that dull and uninspiring space into a welcoming abode, read on for some top tips on how to decorate your spare bedroom.

Patrons of the Prado – Masterpiece Gala 2017, Noche de Sueños

Patrons of the Prado Masterpiece Gala 2017, Noche de Sueños (Night of Dreams) took place on Saturday July 8th.

German Pancake Recipe from Masterchef Contestant Lauren Lawless

Here is Lauren Lawless's recipe for her famous German pancakes, otherwise know as Dutch babies.

Pest Control For Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings

Here are a few tips for making sure your whole building is pest-free, whether you rent out a duplex or a multi-unit building.

Local Non-Profit Coin UP Wins "2017 Start Up of the Year Award"

Coin Up has been recognized for charting new territory in technology and philanthropy.

In Good Standing: New Desks for Your Office

With opportunities for better blood circulation, a lower risk of heart disease and significantly improved posture, these desks have true benefits versus traditional models.

7 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover Wedding Budget

It can be a bit overwhelming to think of useful ways to spend and make it count, especially as you’ve planned most of the day now and you’re not sure where your leftover budget should go.

Beauty Company Vanity Planet

Not your average beauty company, Vanity Planet makes no apologies for their shameless focus on looking good.

4 Ways to Refresh the Appeal on Your Rental Property

Maintaining a rental property can take a lot of work and requires a continued investment to keep the home looking great

How to Get Perfect Hair For Your Big Day

This article will offer you extremely useful points of consideration when planning how to dress your hair, to make sure that you’re ready for one of the most exciting days of your life.

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Mane Event San Diego Photoshoot

Photography for this photoshoot was done by Robert Dahey.

Leucadia's Dream Divas: Marissa Bouchér Transforms Boudoir Divas

After 10 years photographing over 4,000 happy clients and building her company Boudoir Divas into an award-winning photography studio, Marissa Bouchér is taking her Boudoir baby in a new and exciting direction.

Style for the Del Mar Racetrack Photoshoot

Summer stands for racing season in Del Mar, and racing season inevitably calls for the hottest fashions of the year.

Candy Colors: Summer Resort Wear

Enjoy some of the latest in resort wear trends with 2017's candy colors!

Beach Bags Bring the Island Life to This Summer Season

A slew of retailers present new fashion staples ready to add some tropical flair to the traditional beach bag wear.

Top 10 Professional Fashion Items for Women

Luckily, fashion trends for 2017 can easily be incorporated into work appropriate ensembles.
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Urge Common House: Eater-tain Your Heart Out

The newest location of Urge restaurants—the chain that’s not really a chain—is the third in the brand’s repertoire and thrives in a bustling university neighborhood in San Marcos.

Red Dot Gala 2017: Designers of the Year Were Recognized

On July 3rd, 2017, the international design scene convened in Essen’s Aalto-Theater for the Red Dot Gala.

Bleu Bohème San Diego Boasts Free-Spirited French Fare

Ensconced in San Diego’s delightful Kensington neighborhood, Bleu Bohème is a must-visit eatery for anyone in San Diego county seeking a one-of-a-kind, transcendent French dining experience.

Omni La Costa Resort and Spa

Billed as a playground and wellness center for all ages, the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad delivers on its promise.

10 Things to Do at the Beach

Here are ten fun beach activities to spend your time enjoying the shores.

Hot Summer Solutions That’ll Enhance the Season

After a long and chilly winter that lingered longer than many would prefer, summer is finally in full effect.