10 Golden Rules to Achieve that, 'I Just Got Out of the Salon' Look

Wouldn’t you want to walk out of your house looking like you just waltzed out of the hair salon? What if we told you that you can achieve that fresh-out-of-the-salon look yourself? Here are our top 10 golden rules that you can follow to achieve and keep that look from the comfort of your home.

1- Know Your Hair Type


First things first, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Knowing your hair type allows you to properly care for it by enabling you to understand your hair's texture and unique characteristics and accordingly choose the most appropriate products and hair care routines, and know your styling do's and don’ts.

2- The Right Shampoo is Key


Choosing the right shampoo for your hair depends on your hair type, condition, and the kind of color or treatment you have done. Your hairstylist should be able to recommend the most suitable kind for your locks so if you’re confused about which kind to purchase, ask them. The expert hair stylist behind Magic In Motion Hair stresses the importance of choosing the right shampoo for your hair, especially if you have dandruff. In that case, you need to start by figuring out the reason behind your dandruff and accordingly find the right anti-dandruff shampoo to include in your hair cleaning routine.


To make sure that those annoying white flakes disappear for good, consider learning about natural remedies that you can use in addition to your anti-dandruff shampoo.

3- Your Conditioner is Your Best Friend


When it comes to maintaining the hair’s softness and texture, a good conditioner can make a world of difference for all hair types. Including deep conditioning in your hair routine will add softness, shine, and strength back to your hair.


Heat is key when it comes to deep conditioning as it ensures that your hair really absorbs the conditioner. So, either apply conditioner on your hot scalp after washing your hair and let it sit while showering, or cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply heat from an outside source like a hairdryer.

4- Wash Your Hair Properly and Moderately


When shampooing your hair, make sure to wash out all stale hair product remnants from your hair and scalp. When hair products accumulate on your scalp they can cause an awful smell, especially when mixed with sweat. They can also increase your dandruff, dull your hair, and dry out your scalp. When washing, apply shampoo only on your scalp and condition your hair ends.


While it’s important to keep your hair clean, excessively washing it will strip away its natural oils and proteins and make your hair dry and tired, so try to limit hair washing to 2-3 times a week.


If you have a super active lifestyle that requires that you wash your hair more often, consider using dry shampoos between washes to soak up any excess oil or rinse it without shampoos altogether. This will help you get rid of the built-up sweat and residue without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

5- Know When and How to Brush


Brushing is always necessary, but it doesn’t mean that you should mindlessly tear through your locks because aggressively or excessively brushing your hair will only cause damage and split ends.


Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, so only brush it with a wide-tooth comb because unlike brushes, wide-tooth combs are designed to easily glide through wet hair. When brushing, be sure to go easy on the roots, it’s recommended that you untangle the ends first and then brush your way up.

6- Invest in High-Quality Tools and Products


One of the reasons why you go to the salon is because your hairstylist uses quality tools that give you those outstanding results. To get similar results at home, invest in a couple of different types of brushes and find a good quality ionic dryer or a ceramic curling iron, it all depends on your hair type and preference. The most important thing is to remember that what you put on your hair will definitely affect it so make sure that the products and tools you use are high-quality ones.


7- Only Use Your Styling Tools on Dry Hair


If you intend on using a curling iron or flat iron, make sure that your hair is completely moisture-free. Using a hot tool on wet hair can damage it so before applying heat, tousle your hair gently with your fingers to make sure most of the moisture is gone.


If you’re looking to give your hair extra volume without damaging it with heat, consider using a diffuser to dry your hair. Diffusers are suitable for all hair types, but they’re particularly a favorite for curly-haired women and men.

8- Become a Blow-Dry Expert


A good blow-dry can last a couple of days depending on your hair type. With a good blow-dry, you can bypass hot tools and make your hairstyle last longer by applying products such as hair gels.


For a fierce blow-dry, start by flipping your head upside down as you blow-dry to add more volume to your hair then, when it’s almost dry, flip your head back up and blow-dry your hair in sections while focusing on the ends.

9- Protect Your Locks


Just like your skin, your hair can also be damaged by both UV and heat, so it’s important to give your hair as much protection as possible. Use a heat protector when drying, curling, or straightening your hair to condition it from the inside out and shield it against damage. Additionally,  don’t hold your hot tools too close to your hair for too long to prevent split ends and frizziness.

10- Banish Bed Hair


Say goodbye to morning frizziness by sleeping on a silk pillowcase and see how much longer your blow dry will last! Most pillowcases are made of cotton which has the potential to absorb the moisture from your hair and twist it from the roots during the night often resulting in frizzy tangled hair the next day. Silk, on the other hand, is much gentler on the hair and can reduce the likelihood of static which allows your hair to stay smooth for much longer.


So there you have it, our golden rules for a healthier, happier and more manageable locks. Follow them to get that ‘ I just got out of the salon’ look every time you walk out of the door and say goodbye to bad hair days.