10 Promising Travel Apps to Download to Actually Make Your Next Vacation Easier

Apps that will help you with finding the best deals, the tastiest food, the must-see attractions, and more.

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For the most part, everyone loves a good vacation—you get to explore new places, eat different foods, sleep in, and just relax. However, in order to achieve that level of bliss, a lot of planning is involved. Finding good deals for airfare and hotels, deciding what kinds of transportation you’ll be using, and discovering the best places to eat and sightsee can be a little stressful and daunting, especially if you’re traveling out of the state or country. But fear not, to make life a bit simpler, here are 10 apps you can download onto your smartphone to make planning your trip more organized and easy, so that you don’t have to spend hours on Google with hundreds of different tabs open.

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1. Kayak

Need to check out flights, hotels, and car services? Then KAYAK is the one for you. This app is simple to navigate around and has filters to narrow down what you’re looking for. Simply select the start and end date of your vacation and the app will direct you to different hotels, rental car companies, and airlines with various prices to suit your budget and time frame. From there, you can book your hotel, flight, or reserve a car through the app at your own convenience.

2. Hopper

This app is is super useful because it predicts the best time to travel! After typing in your destination, Hopper will display color-coded calendars of all the different months that will then predict the most expensive and least expensive times to travel, with the colors representing the price per airplane ticket. After selecting the desired dates for the trip, the app will then show you the current lowest price for the dates you picked, and will even predict if you should buy the tickets now, or wait for the prices to go down. This neat prediction tool can definitely save you a few  bucks!

3. TripAdvisor

This is another great app that holds information about hotels, attractions, and restaurants, but what makes this app particularly handy is everything searchable on this app comes with reviews written by people who’ve been there on their own trip! This way, you can find out if a certain attraction or restaurant is worth your time.

4. Packr

Don’t stress about accidentally leaving something out while packing any longer! With the Packr app, it creates packing lists based on your selected destination, accommodations, transportation, and activities. The packing lists covers mostly everything: toiletries, clothes, items needed for selected attractions like the beach, and other essentials like headphones and passports.


5. Foursquare

While traveling, it’s essential to know what kind of restaurants are around the area, and with Foursquare, it doesn’t take that much searching. Using your phone’s location, this app is able to locate all of the nearest restaurants nearby, and even separates them depending on whether you’re up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not only that, but there are other options that are able to find places for coffee and tea, as well as nearby attractions. Furthermore, there are ratings, reviews, and usually pictures of the location so that you know exactly what to expect. This app is perfect for traveling, especially for road trips, and can even be used in everyday life if you just want a quick bite to eat!


6. Guides: Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet app offers city guides to over 177 cities all over the world, with more cities added each update. After downloading the appropriate guide, the app tells you all the top attractions, restaurants, hotels, bars, and other experiences so that nothing is left out. The app also includes little paragraphs to tell you all about the city and the culture, and also includes a currency converter. Also, since each city guide is downloadable inside the app, no internet connection is needed to access them!


7. Google Translate

For vacations out of the country, it can be a bit difficult to navigate around when everything and everyone is speaking a different language. Because of that, Google Translate can be a huge help. Even though it’s a pretty well-known app, what some may not know about is the awesome camera tool. For example, if you’re wandering around and see a sign in a different language, all you have to do is take a picture of it in the app, and Google will translate it right then and there! This is extremely helpful because it can be used for signs, labels, restaurant menus, and everything else translatable. Of course, the Google Translate app is also useful if you need to ask locals for directions, if you want to learn a few common phrases, and if you just want to understand what’s being said around you.


8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is especially helpful for international travelling. Basically, it’s a messaging app that uses internet rather than data to message and call friends and family for free, meaning there are no fees even if you’re in a different country! There are features to text, call, message pictures and videos, make group chats, and you can even connect the app to your computer browser so you can communicate from there as well.


9. GasBuddy

GasBuddy can be used in everyday life, but is very handy when it comes to road trips, or for anyone traveling within the United States, Canada, or Australia. This app scouts out the nearest gas stations from your current location, and tells you the price per gallon, depending on what kind of gas it is. This app is so convenient since you’ll always know where the nearest gas stations are, while simultaneously getting the best deal.


10. TripIt

What better way to round out our list than this master itinerary maker, TripIt. This app basically organizes everything needed for traveling, and puts it in one place. After doing bookings, confirming appointments, finalizing transportation services, you can forward the confirmation emails to the TripIt app, and it will organize it to create your own personal agenda. This app will have your back when it comes to reminders about appointments, check-in times, and will let you know when and where you need to be.