10 Quick Ways To Redecorate Your Home During Lockdown Minus The $$$


Are you stuck at home due to the Coronavirus lockdown? It's no surprise that uncertainty and fear are making us feel more depressed, but it does not have to be that way. You can invest your energy in revamping your home. And thankfully, you do not even have to spend a single dollar for that..

In a crucial time like this, here are some ways you can tweak your furniture/showpieces and give your home a whole new look while saveing money. Here are 10 tips on how you can do it. Keep reading!

1) Rearrange the Seating Area

Take a deep breath and look around your room. Think of the sofas or armchairs that could have a new place as per the aesthetic and convenience. It could be as simple as moving the coffee table.

When you are changing the positions of your chairs and tables or simply moving them around from one room to another, it will be a treat for your sore eyes that have become tired of seeing them continuously in the same place... In fact, rearranging rooms can enhance a feeling of self-care and well-being, and make you feel better.

2) Change Cushions

Sometimes as trivial as mixing and matching the cushions out of all the rooms can make a great difference. You do not have to go out and do cushion shopping for that.. A great idea is to take some of the uncommon looking cushions from the bed and put them in the sofas in the living room or in a different bed. You will be surprised to see how fresh and different they look. 

3) Re-shelf

Renovating the interior and re-shelving can change the whole theme of the house and that too without having to spend much money.

Start by taking out all the items from the shelves and giving it all a good dusting. Now, while replacing, look for ways where it can be placed differently and which of the items you can throw away. This way, you are not only freeing up space but also letting the existing books or showpieces stand out uniquely.

Spend some time on relevant social media to look for stacking patterns of books to give that extra pizzazz. However, you must not overdo with the patterns. Remember, balance is the key.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you might want to get your hands dirty while making it yourself. Get hold of your drilling machine and turn one of those unnecessary coffee/study tables into a bookshelf or showpiece.

If you don’t have a drilling machine at home, it would be a good idea to invest in a cordless drill machine and have it delivered at your doorsteps. Do not feel that this is all going to waste because you will see how much it comes in handy in the long run.

However, if you are a newbie, you need to be careful with it and seek assistance from someone familiar with drilling machines.  

4) To Rug Or Not To Rug

If you change the rugs between rooms or simply remove the rugs, the whole room will brighten up. For smaller rugs beside the beds or under tables, look for other places where it may go well and give those former spaces some space.

Or you can be the laziest and just change the rug’s alignment. You will notice how a single horizontal/vertical placement changes the whole perspective of the room.

5) Reposition The Pictures

If you have a gallery wall of picture frames, take them all out and re-position them in a different way for a mini-renovation. Also, you get to dust and clean the much dusting-deprived frames. Talk about multitasking.  

6) Transform A Room Into Two

Surprisingly you do not have to build a wall to divide a room into two. Simply placing furniture in a position where you can create  an invisible boundary . For example, if you have a huge living/ dining space, you can divide that by placing a sofa in the middle of the space and arranging the coffee tables, lamps and TV around it

As for the dining area, you can set the dining table on the other side of the room, where the sofas will be facing the opposite direction.

7) Lighten Up Your Life

With having to work at home and relax at the same time, it is apparent that your home has become a place to fulfill several moods and themes. Lighting in your home greatly contributes to your mood and mental state. 

Swapping the lamps or the lighting between the rooms can enhance the ambiance of the rooms in a great way. You do not have to struggle with dimmed lights while you’re on a video meeting, neither will you have to face brash lights while enjoying your favorite book.

8) The TV Can be Moved

There is no doubt that the TV is the center of attraction and upon which the whole setting of the living room is based because that’s where all the eyes will be. You can change that center of attraction by repositioning the TV (if not wall-mounted) and completely change the whole motif.

9) Utilize Showpieces

It’s high time you bring out that bowl from the cupboard or the shelves and put it on the bedside table with potpourri in it. Almost every showpiece you possess has a functionality that you can put to work in your daily life as well as bring some color to your home décor.

10) Let the Walls Breathe

It is a universal rule to always place the furniture against the walls and anything different is weird. We do that because we have been told that pushing furniture against the walls gives the room that “spacious” look, which is not always true...

The trick is to pull the bigger sofas or furniture away from the wall slightly to make your room look roomier. That way, your walls get to breathe and they get a better chance to stay clean and dusted frequently.

Final Thoughts

Lockdown or no lockdown, the best thing about all of these tips is that they are free of cost and can be changed back to their original positions anytime you want. Let yourself find contentment and peace even in this situation, start by making the smallest changes in your habitat.