10 Useful Spring Home Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Now that the days are growing warmer, you will be tempted to spend most of your time outdoors. It's refreshing to enjoy the spring air and see the flowers that are beginning to blossom. Unfortunately, there are lots of things to do indoor. You need to clean your home and prepare for the spring. Even though cleaning is the last thing on your mind, it is vital. Fortunately, it is not as tough as you are imagining, and this article will make it even easier. We have created a checklist of the maintenance and cleaning stuff with the help of Simply Maid that you need to do. Take a look at the list.

Inspect the roof

Winter storms can cause damage to your roof. Now is the time to check if your roof is intact. Check for worn out shingles, vents, or pipes. You should also check for the sagging roofline. Stand at a place where you will get a better view of your roof. You can check from your balcony or your neighbor's yard. Use the opportunity to clean dead leaves and debris from your roof.

Check the air conditioner

Since the hot days are fast approaching, you need to ensure that your air conditioning is functioning. It will be terrible if it fails to function when you need it most. Change the filters, ensure that the thermostat and the condensation line are working. Checking your ac can help you avoid more significant and costlier damage in the near future. If you realize a problem, call in the HVAC professional.

Clean the gutters

Make sure your gutter is also ready for the hot season. Clear all debris and dirt from it. Ensure that it is draining properly as well. This is to prepare it for the rains. Get a gutter guard to prevent debris from getting into the gutter again. The guard will at least reduce the rate at which your gutter clogs.

Clean the chimney

Whether you used your fireplace or wood stove during the winter or not, you should take a look at your chimney. Get rid of debris that may have built up in there. Also, check for signs of damage. If your chimney is made of bricks, check for the growth of vegetation anywhere around the chimney. Plant growth anywhere around your chimney shows that water infiltrates your chimney and you need to get the services of a professional.

General cleaning

While you undertake repair and maintenance works, don’t forget about cleaning your home. Use the opportunity to clean areas that you usually skip on your cleaning routines. Move your furniture and clean underneath, clean your ceiling fans, high cabinets, and other high to reach locations. Take your curtains to the laundry as well. You can also use the opportunity to deep clean your best under-counter refrigerator. After all these, proceed to the routine cleanup activities. It is essential because cleaning the high areas usually leaves a lot of dirt on the floor. It is prudent to clean it early. It gets harder to clean when you leave it for long.

Inspect the concrete

Walk around your home and check for damages in your concrete. Look at the walkway, deck, and driveway to be sure that everything is intact. If you realize a concrete damage somewhere, fill in with concrete. If you cannot handle it, call in a professional.

Take a look at the sprinklers

Run the sprinklers to ensure that it is functioning properly. Check for leaks or damages. Some broken sprinklers end up spraying other areas instead of the target areas. Check if your sprinkler is actually spraying where you expect it to.

Pay attention to the deck

Check for rusting, discoloration, warping, water stains, or anything that shows signs of damage. Fix loose nail, broken or rusted rails, or rotten lifting boards. If the damage is extensive, call in an expert to have a look.

Seal window and door cracks

You will be letting the bugs in if you leave a tiny crack unattended to. Check for holes or cracks and seal them. Repair broken hardware as well, tighten hinges and make sure that every opening is sealed. Inspect the window sills as well and ensure that you caulk any opening. Apart from keeping the bugs out, sealing the openings will also help you to save on energy bills. You will be keeping all your cool air inside, and your ac does not need to work twice as much to cool your home.

Check your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors

It will be unfortunate if any of these fails when you need them most. That is why you need to ensure that they are functioning properly. First of all, change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Ensure that your fire extinguisher is also at an accessible location.