10 Ways Students Can Earn Money Online The Convenient Way

10 Ways Students Can Earn Money Online The Convenient Way



Many people around the world would feel as though their dreams have come true after getting a chance to make money online. If they would get a way to make money online, they’d quit their jobs and focus on the online work. In addition to that, they would engage in some entrepreneurship and spend time with their families. Quite interestingly, it is possible to start earning money online easily. There are various ways through which you can earn money online.


Here are 10 ways students can earn money online the convenient way.

1. Google Adsense

Nearly every website today has Google Ads. They are literally everywhere. After placing Google Ads in your website, you can earn money from the businesses getting advertised within. It is easy to set up Google Adsense in your website. As a matter of fact, they normally become quite lucrative after your website begins to bring in a steady level of traffic.


If you have a website or a blog, you can easily incorporate Google Adsense within. Simply sign up for a Google Adsense account. After doing so, Google will take it from there. They will give you a special code. You can proceed to place it in your website. Through this code, Google will track your page views, traffic and earnings as well. You do not have to spend any time or money on upkeep or maintenance on your Google Adsense. As such, it is a great way through which students that have a website can earn money online.

2. Consulting

This is a method of earning online that is perfectly suited for students. Are you an expert in a specific field of industry? If you are, you can use the Internet to provide professional or personal advice to people. As a student, it is tempting to think that you are not qualified or important enough to consult professionally. However, you might get very surprised at the people who are willing to pay for your advice and expertise.


Simply express how good you are about a specific subject online through a blog or a dedicated website. After doing so, you can attract clients. Eventually, you will be able to consult and command fees of up to $100 per hour. An excellent spot to start in is Clarity.fm. Here, you can set up a free account and tailor your profile. After you have done that, people will find you and book consultation sessions.

3. Teach online courses

Are you highly skilled in a particular activity? You can teach your skills to people through the Internet. You can actually set up an online course. After that, you can proceed to market it. Simply package your lessons through videos, instructables or e-books. After that, you can market them to niche online markets. Moreover, you can set up an account through a specialist platform such as Teachable.com. By using this type of platform, you can upload course materials and utilize the account to manage your clients as well as receive Inbox Dollars. As a matter of fact, you can earn repetitively if your e-book gets downloaded multiple times.

4. Produce and provide podcasts

An online podcast is a channel where you express yourself and any valuable information which you could have. As a student, you can launch a podcast and use it to express your capability, knowledge and skill. Pick a niche subject and center the content of your podcasts on it. After doing that, companies operating in your podcast field can get in touch with you and provide sponsorship for advertising their brand in your content. This sponsorship can range from 4 figures to 6 figures per month!

5. Publish and sell e-books

Traditionally, books would be published and released in physical print. However, today they are published entirely on the Internet. If you are a gifted writer or have a firm understanding of a particular subject, you can publish a book online and sell it. There are specialized websites which help you to accomplish this. An example of such is Create Space. It helps you to write and publish a book entirely online without involving a publisher. After that, you can sell the book on Amazon.

6. Sell lead sales

The concept behind this is very simple. You can create a website. After doing so, proceed to market it and generate traffic for the website. This traffic is known as leads. Once you’ve done so, you can sell this traffic to another party. Essentially, you can sell the personal information of everyone who visits your website. In this way, you can provide a steady stream of clients to your clients.

7. Write on a freelance basis

If you are creative and can produce quality work, it is possible to earn money as a freelance writer. You can write and maintain a steady income. Simply identify a niche subject. After that, create networks with people who may hire you. Make sure to provide excellent content and you can earn money online as a student by writing.

8. Create sponsored posts

Modern companies are always interested in paying social media influencers and bloggers to promote their products or services. If you own a website or a blog, you can use it to make extra income by making sponsored posts. The best thing about this is that you are able to earn money per post that you make.

9. Host webinars

An excellent way to make money online is to host webinars. You can use webinars to market your service or product on the Internet. Through a webinar, you can provide advice, tips and information for free through a live session. After doing so, you can pitch your service or product at the end. This can help you to secure deals and make money.

10. YouTube

This is one of the main ways through which students get to earn a living online. You can create a dedicated channel on YouTube and use it to post videos. In your footage, you can describe or do anything that you want. Moreover, it becomes possible to promote a certain product online. Through this method, you can effectively earn money from the companies that pay you to promote their stuff.


There are many ways through which students can earn money conveniently through the Internet. Some of the most effective and profitable ones are indicated above. They are popular and guarantee results. If you are a student looking to make some money part-time or full-time, consider the methods described above!