"13 Reasons Why" on Netflix Review

13 Reasons Why on Netflix

13 Reasons Why on Netflix

Warning: The below review features dramatic spoilers from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Please continue at your own discretion.

Since 13 Reasons Why made its Netflix debut on March 31st, the show has shocked audiences and sparked quite the online debate. Based off the popular book by Jay Asher, tells the tale of Hannah Baker, beautifully played by Katherine Langford, as she records thirteen tapes depicting who are the reasons why she commits suicide. The show has received some backlash for its graphic rape scenes and the scenes that depict suicide.

But looking beyond all of that, the show is very necessary. Suicide is a very tough subject and are rarely discussed in detail. Keeping that in mind, the show helps shed some light on mental illness and sexual assault, many would argue that this show is just “too much.” By the time the viewer gets to the final scene, you can help but feel traumatized. Its violent and gruesome, but more importantly, it's heartbreaking. 

Overall, the point of the show is to not shock the viewer with the final suicide scene, but to make the viewers feel horrible––not because of Hannah’s tragic death, but because of the series surprise twist ending: Alex Standall (played by Miles Heizer), one of Hannah’s former friends, who shoots himself in head. 

What I found interesting about the show, is that it explores the danger of what can happen when one focuses on the details of a suicide case instead of making it a larger social issue. 13 Reasons Why is incredibly graphic in showing a teenager committing suicide. Though there should have had a content warning due to its graphic and disturbing rape scenes, I honestly don’t think it glorifies suicide. It shows the different causes of depression can make one not want to seek out help. 

13 Reasons Why has quickly become one of the most important shows out right now, especially since it is the most tweeted about show so far in 2017. As it does spark conversations about the subject matter, it also shows what can happen when we don’t look out for another and don’t pay attention to the warning signs of suicide. 

13 Reasons Why was recently renewed for a second season on Netflix, to premiere sometime next year.

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