14 Top Worldwide Travel Tips

Last Minute Travel Tips

Last Minute Travel Tips

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No matter the excitement harbored for an upcoming trip, there is always some aspect of traveling that’s just a hassle. Whether it’s the nightmare of stuffing a suitcase or the chaos of the airport, sometimes the process of getting to a destination is an adventure in itself. Never fear, globetrotter. We’ve got the best tips and tricks for traveling, no matter where you’re headed next.

1. Plan Your Outfits and Dress in Layers

Whether it’s for a week or a month, in winter or in summer, dressing in layers is invaluable. It allows you to style more outfits with less in your suitcase (saving you on overweight fees!). Bonus: when unexpected weather rolls in, you can add or shed layers as needed to stay comfortable.

2. Bring a Scarf 

Speaking of layers, this is the ultimate one: a scarf. Scarves are wonderful for traveling since they can be used for so much––shawl, sun cover, swim cover-up, makeshift pillow or thin blanket, the list goes on. Guys can get away with wearing this versatile accessory too, so don’t leave it at home!

3. Wrap Hot Tools in an Oven Mitt

Who has the time to wait for a straightener or curling iron to cool after using it? Not you, that’s who. Save time by wrapping it in an oven mitt before packing it in a suitcase.

4. Fold Nice Clothing in Tissue Paper to Prevent Wrinkles

There’s a reason upscale retail stores send you home with brand new clothing wrapped in tissue paper. It will keep delicate fabrics from wrinkling in transit. This is great for nice suits or dresses you pack for a special night on a trip.

5. Iron Clothing with a Flat Iron to Quickly Fix Wrinkles

If you forgot the tissue paper, pull out the flat iron! Yes, it works on clothes too, and it's the perfect thing when you’re in a rush. Mind the temperature setting and the garment’s ironing instructions to avoid damage.

6. Stock Up on Sample Beauty Products

Those mini-sizes are perfect for quick trips and vacations. Check the travel and trial size aisles for general items. For makeup and beauty, sign up for a subscription beauty box, like Birchbox or Ipsy, a month or two in advance for high quality samples to take with you.

7. Photocopy Your Passport

Losing a passport overseas is an international nightmare. Save yourself the stress by making photocopies and bringing them along. In case something does happen to the original, you can at least get home.

8. Bring a Water Bottle with a Built-in Filter

TSA doesn’t allow pre-filled bottles, but with this handy filtered bottle, you can fill up at the airport fountain and still get great tasting water without buying a new bottle every time. Plus, use it when you arrive at your destination, too.

9. Hydrate During the Flight

Instead of reaching for an alcoholic beverage or hot coffee, drink water. Airplanes are especially dehydrating; when flying international, hydrating during the flight also helps prevent jet lag.

10. Pack Mini-Bottles of Liquor in Your Carryon for an In-Flight Drink

Avoid the expensive in-flight cocktails by bringing your own. Seriously. TSA allows passengers to pack a small amount of liquid in their carry-on bags, and mini-bottles of alcohol are allowed! They must fit comfortably in a quart-sized Ziploc bag, that Ziploc bag must go through the x-ray scanner individually, but otherwise, you’re free to have your own drink onboard the plane (at a fraction of the cost!).