15 Organization Ideas For A Clutter-Free Shed

Your shed houses a lot of things needed in your home—from gardening tools, electrical supplies, large equipment, etc. Since there is a lot of stuff inside, you shouldn’t let it be disorganized and cluttered. Typically, it is quickly filled with junk if you keep it untidy.


There are various garden sheds online that you can purchase if you needed one. It is also a good investment if you are planning to sell your property in the winter since it is the best time to sell a home.


Here are some ideas for your shed to keep it organized and how you can manage and maximize your space:


1. Install a hanging rack


You can install a rack in your garden shed, where you can hang various tools—small or big such as:

  • shovel

  • rake

  • hoe

  • hammer

  • paint roller

  • pliers, scissors, and other small items


For big tools and those with long handles, install the rack high up your shed so it will not interfere with your floor space. For small tools, install a rack on the level where you can reach it easily.


2. Put up a lattice rack near the ceiling


Lattice rack can be used to store long items such as:

  • metal and plastic pipes

  • lumber

  • bamboo sticks

  • rods  


Make sure that your shed ceiling is sturdy enough to support the weight of the items you intend to put in it. Lattice rack makes it easy for you to retrieve these items when you need it compared to a normal ceiling rack, since each item has an individual space in the lattice.


3. Install pegboard in the wall


Hand tools that you frequently use can easily be misplaced, so install hooks in the pegboard and hang your stuff. The good thing about this is that you won’t waste time looking for your tools and you can easily locate it, since it is hanging on the wall.


4. Make hanging jar organizers


Install hanging jar organizers by sticking plastic jar covers in plywood or small wooden board. The board can be placed beside the wall.


You can use this tip to organize small items that can be misplaced easily, such as:


  • iron nails

  • screws

  • hooks

  • pins


5. Install a magnetic bar against the wall


You can use a magnetic bar to install small hand tools that are prone to be misplaced when you are working, such as:


  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers, scissors

  • Drill bits


6. Make use of stackable storage boxes


Storage boxes are a total lifesaver in any space that needs tidying. Using it does not take too much time, and you can just put everything inside it and label the box of the items stored inside. Items that you do not need most of the time can be put in these storage boxes and plastic storage baskets.


7. Put cubbyholes or storage drawers


There’s another alternative in storing your tools in boxes, it is by putting up cubbyholes and storage drawers. So you can easily access it without lifting and removing stacked boxes one by one. Put items that you frequently use and need in your everyday activities.


8. Install a sturdy cabinet for paints and other chemical substances


A metal cabinet is essential in your garden shed for storing paint cans and other hazardous chemicals. It will protect these items from extreme heat and flame.


Moreover, store it in a manner that you should not be putting it together with items that may react to produce fire or explosion. Read the label and its safety precautions, and then sort it properly. Also, keep it high and out of children’s reach, if there are kids in your house.


9. Install drawers in your workbench


If you use your shed as a working area, you might want to transform your workbench to a multifunctional and permanent one equipped with cabinets and drawers, as well.  


Putting cabinets and drawers near your workbench will make it easier for you to reach your tools while working and storing them, too. It can also save a lot of space since you will not be taking any other space just for cabinets and drawers.


10. Make a ceiling storage


You can use these to organize storage boxes that only contain safekeeping items, and the ones you do not use, possibly sentimental items that you might have. Install wood in the ceiling in a manner that it will produce I-beams. Ceiling storage is a great idea, so you can free up floor space and can maximize your garden shed area.


11. Hang hose and cord against the wall


Hoses and cords can be stored by using a metal bucket drilled in a wooden platform and hanged against the wall. Storing long items like these will make your storage more pleasing to move and work around.


12. Transform your old pallets


Do you have your old pallets lying around the shed? Transform it to a rack where you can store various items such as plastic pipes, wooden boards, garden tools, etc. You can also use it as a bike rack.


13. Always label your things


Properly labeled things like boxes and containers will avoid mess since you will just be looking for items that you need in their corresponding storage containers. It can also help you arrange and organize these containers—either for gardening, woodwork, electrical supplies, etc.


14. Arrange your things systematically


Proper arrangement of your things in your shed is also a good way of reducing clutter and maintaining tidiness. When storing boxes or other things, make sure to put it in a way where the things you frequently use are in front, then keep things that are seldomly used in the back.


15. Throw away unnecessary things


The best way to declutter your garden shed is to throw things that you will not be put into good use anymore. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • Will I need this in the future?

  • Will this be helpful in my work?


This will help you decide if an item is for you to keep or put in the trash.


Working in a clutter-free space either at home or work makes you more accomplished and energized, so maintaining it is a must. Keeping these ideas in mind will help you create and maintain a tidy garden shed.