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Unequal Halo

Unequal Halo 

I also want to tell you about a sports safety-oriented piece of health tech called the Unequal Halo. It’s a protective headband for youth soccer players that utilizes something called TriDur and Accelleron technology. TriDur is a patented, elasto-meric coated Kevlar fabric used by the military and law enforcement. It’s 5x stronger than steel, with a virtually unmatched ability to absorb and disperse high impact energy. The Halo contours to any players’ head and looks just like a headband, while offering serious protection. So it’s not bulky and embarrassing to wear. It’s also fully adjustable and comes in many colors, available in both a 6mm and 10mm thicknesses. The company says that U.S. Woman’s Soccer Player Ali Krieger began wearing the Unequal Halo leading up to, and during, the 2015 FIFA World Cup due to suffering a concussion in the months prior. This is a piece of technology that can really protect children from harm and give parents peace-of-mind.


RecoFit Compression Gear: Armcoolers and Sleeves 

RecoFit Armcoolers provide the cooling benefits of Icefil technical fabric. Xylitol is embedded in the fabric and lowers the skin’s surface temperature by five degrees when activated by the evaporative process of wicking perspiration away from the skin. Air flowing over the sleeves creates the same cooling sensation. The Armcoolers also offer 50+ UPF sun protection so greasy sunscreen isn’t needed, a real bonus for those playing sports with clubs or bats and needing a good grip. Lastly, the sleeves give the arm muscles support with gentle compression. RecoFit’s calf compression sleeves also help you perform better and recover faster by improving circulation, reducing damaging muscle vibration, preventing swelling, delaying fatigue and speeding up post-exercise recovery. Constructed with a carbon-based, technical performance fabric, RecoFit calf sleeves have a negative ion charge that helps the blood uptake oxygen. The sleeves are left- and right-leg-specific, effectively providing gradient compression. RecoFit recommends using calf compression sleeves during exercise as well as post-exercise recovery.

T-fal ActiFry 

Here’s something useful and weight-wise for the kitchen; The T-fal ActiFry. This is a super versatile, time-saving kitchen gadget that allows you to prepare and enjoy all your favorite dishes hands-free and healthfully by using little to no oil. So, the word Fry in the product name is a little misleading, because it actually uses unique hot air circulation technology and stirring paddle to make tasty low fat meals ranging from meats and chicken to seafood or even vegetables and side dishes. Aside from the fact that you can cook so many things without any oil, I also love this appliance because I’m a super busy mom and it cooks things fast. Because food is always cooked at precisely 338°, there’s no preheating necessary and meals are cooked very quickly and evenly since the paddle keeps the ingredients moving and stirring as the hot air circulates all around it. Clean up is also a breeze as the pan, lid, paddle, and filter are removable and dishwasher safe. Most importantly, the ActiFry is designed to be safe and family-friendly. My kids use it all the time to make everything from chicken nuggets and chicken wings to much healthier french fries.

SPT Professional Juicer 

And finally, with eating healthier among the more popular New Year resolutions, committing to those fruits and veggies is far easier with the SPT Professional Juicer. Housed in attractive die cast aluminum, this powerful 850-watt juicer will add beauty and function to your kitchen…and your body with all of the nutrients you’ll benefit from. The unit’s extra-large 3″ feed tube makes it easy to process all types of whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting or peeling. The juicer includes two speed settings and an automatic pulp collecting container. Stainless steel elements and dishwasher-safe parts provide quick cleanup. Also included are a juice jug with froth separator, a cleaning brush, and a pulp container.

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