3 Best Wedding Photographers in San Diego

The Finest Wedding Photographers in San Diego

Romantic Wedding Photography

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Weddings are magical. The memories that are created on a couple’s special day are unforgettable and something to be cherished. That being said, it’s important to pick a great photographer that will capture each moment. San Diego is filled with talented photographers that are sure to take flawless shots. You lovely readers of FINE recently voted on the best local wedding photographers, and the list is in! Three photography studios were the winners: Katherine Beth Photography, John Riedy Photography, and AMB Wedding Photography. Each photographer is located here in San Diego and has their own unique perspective behind the lens. Weddings are once in a lifetime—something that you can relive through pictures and film. If you’re planning a wedding, helping with one, or looking ahead, this will help you pick the perfect photographer for the special day!

Katherine Beth Photography 

For ten years, Katherine Beth has worked as a professional photographer capturing clients’ special moments. From weddings, senior portraits, and family events to individual portraits, Katherine Beth does it all! She has gained the most recognition for her beautiful wedding portraits. The Knot, a magazine dedicated to weddings, acknowledged Katherine Beth as one of the best wedding photographers in both 2015 and 2016. The talented photographer has worked throughout the United States, experiencing various venues and events. From Montana to Maui, she has acquired a range of skills through her vast experience. While Katherine Beth is based locally in San Diego, she is more than willing to travel for your wedding or special event—within the United States and even internationally. 

Katherine Beth wants to give you the best pictures possible. Past clients have praised her for her patient, careful ways. And if you have children, she is wonderful at capturing pictures of them, no matter how wild they are. While she will give suggestions and input, you have total freedom to give her guidance. Before your big event, she will happily meet with you for a session to discuss your occasion and ideas. Her fun, warm, and cheerful personality makes working with Katherine Beth even more enjoyable! To contact her, 360.305.8320. Be sure to check out her blog (on her website) and see what her latest projects are!

John Riedy Photography

A graduate from Duke University, John Riedy has been shooting weddings for the past ten years. However, that’s not where he got his start. After college, he moved to Los Angeles where he hoped to pursue film. He eventually became a camera operator for commercials, film, and music videos. Now he primarily focuses on events, specifically weddings. Riedy has made his mindset clear: do not control the wedding, rather tell its story. With such an extensive history with film, storytelling is his primary goal. John Riedy’s talent behind the lens has been featured in several wedding-related publications. Wedding Dresses, Studio Photography and Design, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Special Events Magazine, Weddings Bells, and LA Times have showcased his photos. While he shoots mainly in California, Riedy has shot weddings in New York, Mexico, and Ireland. 

John Riedy wants his photos to be natural, authentic, and somewhat unposed. He tries to avoid inorganic poses for the bride and groom. Simply, he wants them to focus on each other and capture their relationship. Riedy calls this his “no cheese” policy. He is flexible as well and will undoubtedly fulfill any of his clients’ desires. Clients have praised his concentration and professionalism reflected in his photography, and they absolutely love working with him! Jonn Riedy's rates vary depending on the occasion. Weddings start at $4000, while portrait sessions begin at $350. To contact John Riedy, visit his website and submit a form discussing your inquiry or call 818.445.7752.

ABM Wedding Photography 

Unlike several other photography businesses, ABM is home to countless photographers rather than just one. Each person hired is carefully examined, making sure they are the ideal photographer for weddings and passionate about capturing special moments. Despite their name, they also do several other categories of photography, including maternity, engagement, family, and baby shoots. Similar to John Riedy, ABM favors natural, spontaneous photos rather than extremely staged poses. They shoot roughly 100 weddings each year, so they know what they are doing! While they are based in San Diego, they also do destination weddings.

There is a list of packages available to potential clients that go as follows: Sapphire, Diamond, Gold, and Platinum. Each respective package increases in price, as more comes with it. For instance, the Sapphire Package is $2695 and comes with seven hours of wedding photography and an online gallery. The highest package, the Platinum, comes with nine hours of wedding photography, a 20 page collection album, engagement signature book, a second photographer, and various other things; it costs $6795. Regardless of what package you get, they are sure to capture each priceless moment of the couple’s special day. To contact ABM Wedding Photography call 858.271.8029.