3 Different Stylish Trends for 2020 Bedroom Decor

3 Different Stylish Trends for 2020 Bedroom Decor

When you get bored of your old bedroom design, you can always switch it up with some accessories or details. Redecorating your bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, but a great way to express your creativity but still be on a budget. You don’t have to change the entire bedroom, it might be enough to choose different fabrics or differently colored accessories. Bring your bedroom design to life with different color combinations or accessories that every household can afford. As you’re evolving as a person, your taste and style are also changing, and the design of your bedroom has to keep up with it. If you have an eye for detail, pay close attention to our three upcoming trends below and how well you can incorporate them into your current bedroom decor.

Soft and Natural

Different fabrics play a major role when it comes to fashion. The decor of your bedroom has to be a cozy environment where you can relax and take your mind off of every day worries. Rugged textures and fringe pillows will make you feel like home since they emulate handcrafted accessories. Homey and authentic vibe describes this particular trend the best. When it comes to fabrics, natural fabrics like wool or cotton for your bedding can make your bed more comfortable to sleep in, and also help you make a fashion statement with their effortless style. It seems as if natural fabrics emphasize craftsmanship and handwork, and by exploring this style, we somehow take a step back in time. It can easily match a bedroom which gives off a rustic or vintage vibe. Think wooden drawers, tassels on the accessories or raw earthy tones all over the place. If you are a calm person who enjoys spending time outdoors or eating raw food, this might be the perfect interior trend for you.

Glitz and Glamour

For people who are leaning towards modern design, opting for elegant and sophisticated furniture and accessories is what you need for achieving this look. If your bedroom vision includes marble or mirrored walls, a glamorous transformation with silk beddings and a contemporary white chrome bedside table are going to be the essentials for your bedroom glow up. Silk pillowcases and white or beige accessories go perfectly with a clean bedroom design. This look is more modern and chic thanks to the fabrics and colors. The main goal here is not to overdo it. Since the colors are very simple, you might think you need bold colors to spice it up. This is not a good strategy, because simplicity and monochromatic color schemes symbolize a glamorous bedroom. If you kill time by drinking wine, going to restaurants and changing outfits several times a day, this bedroom style is the best choice for you. 

Art and Free Spirit

Last but not least, a contemporary style is also going to dominate the 2020 trends. A combination of geometric shapes and bold colors will inject personality into your bedroom design. It’s all about the lines, shapes, and fluidity. This trend is a perfect mixture of a laid-back style and a modern approach to bedroom decor. If you’re thinking about wallpaper for your headboard wall, you can opt for some interesting geometric design that goes well with the color of your pillows or rug. If you decide to paint your walls, another option is a two-colored wall divided by a simple oblique line. This trend allows you to play with your creativity and embrace imperfections.


Different trends suit different personalities. You can always experiment with your bedroom design depending on your mood and vision. What type of bedroom decor are you attracted to the most? Are you a person connected to nature, a social butterfly or do you have a flair for fine arts? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.