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If a car still runs, it can be driven for as long as you feel comfortable. Some motorists are happy to continue driving their vehicles for literally more than a decade after making the final payment on their auto financing loans. Even when consistent repairs are needed, a lot of people simply prefer to keep their vehicles as they know them intimately and generally have an idea of what they need to keep them running. 

On the other hand, when the time arrives, you should not delay in finding the used vehicle trade in value on your car. It could occur during a new car sales event or after your vehicle gets diagnosed with a major mechanical fault that you don’t want to pay for, but either way it is good to know how much you can expect to get for trading it in. If you are planning for a dealership to take your older model car off of your hands, consider these three methods of increasing its trade in value first. 

Have Your Car Detailed and Cleaned Professionally 

Just as you would notice if a car advertised as new had fingerprints on the glass, dirt on the floor mats or trash in the glove box, used cars that have been professionally cleaned are usually valued higher. When you bring in a car that has already been detailed to a car dealership, it can be inspected, serviced and put on the showroom floor for resale right away. In addition, a clean car reflects better on you as an owner and it will likely influence the dealer in believing that you are trading in a vehicle that has been well maintained. 

Look at the Going Rate for Similar Make and Models 

Regardless of the condition your car is in, it’s going to be hard to get a higher used vehicle trade in value if there are a lot of other owners selling at the same time. More specifically, when there is an influx of similar make, year, and model vehicles for sale in an area, buyers have the advantage. However, if you don’t see a lot of similar vehicles for sale you can potentially get a better price at a local auto dealership on your trade in. 

Repair Everything You Can Afford To

Doing all of the little stuff like getting the scratches buffed out of the exterior of your car and replacing that broken sun visor will go a long way when you want to trade it in. Not only will you help to improve the condition of your vehicle by making small repairs, you also save the car dealership a lot of trouble. Expect to get a better vehicle trade in valuation subsequent to completing all obvious small scale repairs. 

Trading in a car is pretty easy when you know that you are prepared to make a new vehicle purchase and you are familiar with the auto dealership. The better the value of your trade, the lower your new auto loan amount will be and the easier you will be able to afford your payments. Take a little time to spruce up your car, do your homework and make all of the repairs that you can prior to going for a vehicle trade in valuation. 

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