3 Simple Ways To Make Your Guest Feel At Home

Photo by Bench Accounting

Your friends and family are planning to come over in a few weeks’ time and you have so much to prepare in the little time you have given. Most people don’t have a guest room to offer or space within their home for another bed. However, you want them to have as pleasant a stay as possible. You may have to go out of your way to provide new products but there are plenty of ways to still use some products already in your household.


1.    Scented Candles or Incense

One very inexpensive product that you may see in your house already will help your guest to relax more. You may find unused candles scattered around your house to put in to use before your guest dozes off. There’s a range of different candles on the market but finding the ones that are most intriguing and recognizable in smell will warm the heart of your guest more. The aroma will travel around the house making each room smell sweet and comforting. With the endless choice of candles, there’s no doubt that it will uplift the air.


2.    Upgrading your airbed

When your friends have stayed previously the only bed you could provide them with was a blow-up airbed. As it’s not the most comfortable bed to sleep on you might want to think about upgrading both your airbed or couch and consider purchasing a Futon. There’s an extensive number of futons in different styles to fit your home interior. They come in a range of different sizes and shapes and offer the option to transition from sofa to bed in a quick and easy way. Such an item is a great way to add to a spare room, which can cater as an office and playroom, but double up as a guest room when people come to stay, saving you both money and time.


3.    Bedding & Toiletries

Arranging your guests’ bed with new bedding is ideal even if you can only provide them with a cuddly blanket. Putting together a little basket of toiletries and fresh towels would make your guests feel pampered. These products should be reserved for guests only, as it can add a real touch of sophistication to their stay and help them feel at home within your own home. Giving them a choice of pillows would show you care about your guest, and ensure they have a comfortable nights sleep.


4.    Plan Food & Beverages

When your guest finally arrives, they may have had a long and tiring journey, so try and cater for them as best you can. This will involve knowing their dietary requirements and making sure they have all they need throughout their stay. For example offer them a hot or cold drink once you’ve settled. Ask in advance what food they like, so you can cater for every taste as well as your own, so that nobody goes hungry or unsatisfied!